need you input on RCMP fingerprints

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Subject: need you input on RCMP fingerprints
  here we go again,(hopefully is more clear now)!Hello everyone!! Im new to this forum, I was wondering if anyone knows why Immigration ask for a second set of prints to be sent to RCMP
he did his first fingerprints in the beginning of 2010, here in Canada before he went back home.
In August 2010 He went back home and now they ask for the second set in December 2010, which he did in Argentina in the same month.
what this means??
I have to add that my husband never had anything to do with the police neither here in Canada or Argentina.
Also anyone knows what is the next step?

We met in 2006
got married in 2009
applied in March 2010
Sponsor approved in April 2010
Started processing application in Buenos Aires May 2010
Medical Results have been received.

thanks for you replies!

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