Working in middle east while waiting for PR

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Subject: Working in middle east while waiting for PR
  Dear Sharon,yijie and all

I applied for PR in Manila Visa office Dec. 2003,got file no. March 2004.I paid an Immigration consultant to represent me.Recently, I read in Manila visa website that ---All applications on and after May 2002 will not be reviewed/opened until second quarter 2006 or more because of so many backlogs.....That´s really a long wait to go,imagining that after only 2Q-2006,will my application will be opened.That is, if I´m lucky enough that my file will be reviewed ahead of the others.(for info, I already submitted my IELTS and from it, I scored 12pts out of 16 for the language.Also,submitted is my proof of fund for 5 dependents.I have 71 pts. with me as per assessed computation by my consultant.

My present work is only a little more than enough for my family and besides I´m not hired as regular employee.I want to work in the middle east because an opportunity came for me(normally it is always 2 year contract).I have a life to continue and have to augment my income so that we continue to survive.Will it be a good decision for me while waiting?What are the scenarios do you guys think might arrive?

Please enlighten me.

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Which country in Middle East. If your application from Middle East goes to London you´d be better off then in Manila with the wait you inform.

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well you are the best one to judge.

however I would go to anywhere for good offer even, at the time your visa ready you can simply quit or just go and do landing do need money in manila and much more of it in canada ;-).

good luck


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I suggest you to go ahead. No problem, and wait for them to open your file. Alternatively is it possible for you to ask for file transfer....I know things have changed but how much am not sure.....trying does little harm with CIC.


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Hopefully,it´s a job opportunity in Saudi Arabia.The good thing about the job,it is related to my previous experience and expertise.Anyway,thanks for all your valued advice and opinion.This forum really helps.

best regards!!

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Dear Friend,
If u intend to move to Canada then dont ever think of going to Middle East.
Dont ask me why but believe me once u have a stamp of middle east on your passport you will realize its effect after landing in Canada.

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Harish, Why do u say that? If Canada will treat middle easters badly, then why do they accept applicaiotns form there in the first place. Or, does Canada pretend that they preserve human rights in web sites and newspapers but on practical they do the oposite. If Canada is so, then all middle easters will not even consider going to a country that is descriminating against people. We chose Canada for it´s reputation that no discrimination against any ethnic. You, yourslef as a chinese then will be discriminated one day if China made any bad stance against west culture.

Polotical World issues change regularly and today Middle easters are hated tomorrow u and ur ethinic will be, like Japanese were all hated afer Birl harobour attack.

So put in your mind that u should choose to be a cheap slave and go to Canada or be with full diginity against any one who just try to touch your dignity any where in this world wehter in Canada or any where else.

Also if that friend from Philippene refused the offer to go to Saudi Arabia and then CIC cicked him out or refused him which will be very expected by half of 2006, will CIC pay him pack the offer he refused in the first place.

I think u have a very narrow mind Harish in most of your comments and I only answered this comment of u coz this one especially is out of any mind.
I don´t mean any bad words but just to make points clear.

Romantic Warrior
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My Dear Wrrior,
If u think I am lying jut tell me. I will give u addresses in Toronto of few friends of mine from Mid East.
When they told me their then only I came to know to about this.
I hope u know about administrative delays and demands.
Secondly I found one thing here people are not aware even those who r settled there.
Anyways I didnt mean anything for u.
Just tell me and I will bring forward the sufferers from middle est before u.

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Dear Harish,
I didn´t mean any bad words my dear friend but I mean we have an old adage that says " whow went out of his home, should accept degrading himself" that is right 100%. But, what I want to make clear that all people suffer in Canada even those who come from England!!!! u know britshexpats web site just go and see how many British english men and women are complaining not getting a job and home sickness and some things like that. So my dear freind suffering is for all not only for midlle easters.

I do welcome if u could send me email
be careful warior here in only one R not double RR.
of those u r talking about and I agree here that we are all to help each other. U know what, I feel we r family members and I really like most of this group membrs.

God bless u and all the world my dear friend

Romantic Warrior
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Totally agree with you. I know many from Middle Eastern Countries too, I not talking about the one who worked in Middle East I am talking about original (born/raised). Just like others they paid their share of suffering and now they are enjoying their lives in Canada.

Napzam, go for the opportunity in KSA, don´t fair anything. We have a system for complaining about racism and/or discrimination. You will be fine in Canada.

Take care

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Thanks Moe and Romantic Warior.I think there´s no problem having my passport stamped in the middle east.A brother of my collegue landed in Canada as PR 1.5 years ago and he too,worked in Saudi Arabia as Civil Engineer.Currently,he is now in the field of his expertise but expectedly,not the same position as in Arabia.I have no comment for Harish,everyone is entitled to his own opinion.I respect his opinion.
All of us are matured enough so we all know what are the consequences of what we are planning to do.In Canada,where multi culturism is prevailing, I think everyone who is qualified to be PR,deserves the right to prove to himself and the rest of Canada that he/she can contribute to Canada´s economic growth.
Good luck to all of us. God Bless!!!

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sorry guys,that´s me---the anonymous above.I forgot to enter my call sign or identity.
I did not intend to do that.