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Subject: Skilld Worker :CHC Delhi March 2004
  I got my file no.on March2004 for Canada PR Visa now 84 month are completed still date we have not get my medical letters. when will its come. our time is lost, our money is lost, we can´t take other decision for others.please give me a information about that.what can i do.further how much time we will wait for this?
serdiya p.
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I am also a 2004 july applicant no news here as well wait & watch
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IF you qualify under the new rules I would give consideration to withdrawing your application and re-applying.

Otherwise you have no options but to wait, or realize that Canada may not be worth the wait.

CHC: Delhi March 2004 (in reply to: Skilld Worker :CHC Delhi March 2004)
Please look at the link below

I am also an applicant of March 2004 and updated all my document in 08/2008 but still waiting for the response. As per the details in the forum above , the applicant with the following details got his medical papers in june 2010.
Application 16/01/2004.

Recipt: March 2004.
Update: 08/2008.


Visa stamped:06/2010

What is the criteria on the basis which the appication is processed as I am also a March 2004 case and still waiting ???

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