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Subject: After Expiry
  I got canadian immigration with family. I have PR and SIN card. My wife and kids are back at home. Their visa will be expired in the end of feb 2005, already extended till to feb 2005. I´m trying my best to call them before visa expiry. In case they never joined me in the current month what will be the next ?????????? can i have to do the sponcer ?????????
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If your wife and children don´t land before their visas expire, in order for them to be allowed to enter Canada you will have to sponsor them. You will basically be starting from scratch, this includes repaying the immigration fees.

I just received my passport back with my visa stamp, and that is what the letter they included with it said.

It will very much be in your best interest if they are able to land before their visas expire.

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I case is done and i have just send my passports to the office my i am not ready to go my Q is that if i did not travel till the date of my medical expire did my landing fee also expires ?and i will have to pay again
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