Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.

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Subject: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.
  Hello Sharon,
I saw your comments about my language in Ali´s response. I would like to tell u. I hold a degree in language and I am working as a Software Technical Writer in IT industry for the last 10 years.
When I write in this forum at the same time I perorm few other tasks.
For your information majority of professors tecahing english in England are non-english.
I always worked for big MNC´s like Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, HP, Seagate and right now at Standard Chartered.
You would not have imagined the such huge organization because of the circumstances in which u r brought up (I mean Canadian life).
I am arrogant but full of self respect I cant do nonsense jobs just to prove my worth in something else.
I am a Canadian PR when I got it I thought it is something when I roamed around I realized any TOm Dicky and Harry can get it.
Its pure nonsense, the government is making money from this business and feeding the uneducated masses who are under an impression that they are getting a better lifestyle.
I will come back next year and will prove that if u have the courage ( not labour attitude) u can turn the tail of any dog irrespective of caste creed and color.
By the way I never heard about any nobel laureate in literatue from canada.
Take it easy my dear Sharon.

Ouch (in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
"Any Tom, Dick, or Harry....." wow....

Are you aware of the data? Over 2 million visa applications are held by the Crown of which only 210,000 are issued annually?

Your comments are somewhat caustic, racist, and elitist.
That is unfortunate.

May I assure you that Canada holds a place for many people of varied backgrounds and races. You are of course aware that for a decade Canada is noted as having one of the highest literacy rates in the world and is #1 in the World for standard of living.

I have a wonderful position in Orlando ... very warm and sweet place... and I am choosing to relocate to Canda because of its people, culture, and values.

By the way, I hold a Ph.D and have no problem doing what it takes or working where I must to earn my place in Canadian society.

You of course are entitled to your opinion, but not at the cost of hurtful remarks to others - which has little value.

I am sorry that Canada disappointed you.


(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
dear Harish...

your job title and name dropping does not impress me much. I know all the - what is your point?

You puzzle me. You have such contempt for Canada and its economy - why do you want to come here? We are so small and uncivilized... why do you want to humble yourself to our lowly standards? What´s the Nobel question all about besides behaving like an egotistical jerk.

I have tried hard to understand the underlying basis for your questions and comments but I give up now. My advice- save the Canadian jobs for the uneducated and unqualified. You have better things to do with your life. I stand by my comments regarding your writing skills.

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
Hi Sharon,
Sorry for hurting you but dont give up on this issue. What u think of my writing skills hardly matters as I know what I write and what meaning it makes.

For a person like me who always worked at a very high salary amongst the group of professionals Canada hardly has anything. As far as IT is concerned it is light years back from the rest of the world.

Canada is a land of opportunity but for those who never had any opportunity in their lives.

Thats the reason I mentioned those with less qualification.
Sharon u try to look at things from other side of the wall soon u will know wht people get frustrated initially with Canada.

Anyways my intention behind coming there is nothing but to run a software business there to make people aware about technology and improve their communication skills using technology.
By the way Sharon what work u do??

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
you do not hurt me... you offend me. I am offended that you belittle every contributor on this site by implying that they are undereducated and underqualified for any sort of international employment and must resort to poor, backward Canada. You offend me to suggest that Canada cannot produce anyone or anything of excellence. You offend me when you suggest that Canadian businesses are two bit wanna be´s.

You ask about me. I am on my third career. I started out in the Interior design/residential construction industry. I built houses for a living for 17 years. After selling my shares in the company (and ending a marriage) I went to work for an advertising agency in the administrative department. I managed a 5 million dollar Honda advertising account. During my stay there I was approached by a commercial business venture to become their Executive Director. I have been with them 5 years now and continue to enjoy it. My job functions range from marketing management, government advocacy to infrastructure development.

Why do you ask and why do you care?

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)

I could give you the benefit of the doubt if you were not educated. However, it seems to me you have some bits of formal education. I am truly sorry that your own arrogance and excessive ego is blinding your mind; thereby you find yourself unable to come up with objective and thoughtful posts.

Please don´t let your arrogance beat you and make you look ridiculous, naive and stupid. Your postings seem to escape from a torpid mind. I´m sure you can do better to show your IQ.

Ozz future Buffalo immigration officer
(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
My Dear Sharon,
I do care as I felt I hurt you. Inspite of all this u replied to my comments. I am really impressed by your attitude.
I didnt intend to offend u or didnt intend to belittle anyone. Why would I do so at all? I was just refering to Alis comments and that too based on my experience with Canada which was 4 months.
Your comments are nice and so are u.
Last but not least u guess??

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
Dear Future Immigration Officer,

It will be better if u keep your mouth shut clean your ass and do something constructive for the bettrement of Canada.
Whether u live in Buffelo or u tend Buffalos one and the same thing for untill u get paid for it.

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)

Is that the best you can be and say? Is that how you show your intelligence?

The very same thing you wrote I could have seen coming from one the labourers you so much despise. Am I wrong?

Cool down and don´t make a clowm out of yourself. You can do better than that.

Ozz future Buffalo immigration officer
(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
seems Haris is a stupid guy, forget about him.
you don´t need this kind of people around us.
He are really uneducated and stupid and cheap SOB.

(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
4 months and you say you know all about Canada? You know nothing. You disappoint me.
(in reply to: Canada Job Market. For My Dear Sharon.)
sharon, forget about this guy.
he is just westing our time, he doesn´t have a life and never will be. We have better things to do.
sharon please we forgive this SOB Haris, lets help each other to make our transaction little comfortable.


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