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Subject: Question Thread from Previous one.

In professional life evry day matters and u r telling me 4 months are nothing. Not fair. For me every day matters in terms of work, experience and most important part MONEY.
I am a person with analytical skills and for me it takes hardly any time in judging things (no big talks).
I got a job in Singapore on phone while in Toronto.
For u its easy to say keep patience do this do that but I tell u its not easy.
If I had mentioned 4 years then probably u would have thought differently.

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Quote: most important part MONEY
good luck buddy!!!
What about family, health...

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Dear Regina,
First money then anything else. Believe me dear the medical system in Canada is not at all rosy (free one).
May u never experience it.

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like I said... 4 months is nothing.

Trust my experience. When you have money (lots of it)... lose it all and earn it again you learn what money can, and cannot buy. You also learn about what is important in your life. Contrary to your current opinion - money is not it. Hopefully you do not need to learn that lesson the hard way.

If money is your only criteria for happiness - Canada is not likely your best destination.

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Dear Lovely Sharon,

I am not that adventurous like u. May be u landed there long back and got all things in life. You can give me lot of names for not having that courage.

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Degree in Language? Well, I hope it is not in English language, unless the education you receive in Singapore is a joke.
"I am working as a....for the last 10 years"

to correct
" I have been working...

tecahing is spelled teaching

I have heard of many Canadian achievements in the news here in Scandinavia, but they have not mentioned any from Singapore...not even with computers.. and hey we have NOKIA...
I have to say I prefer a research that will improve human life generally to purely technological inventions.

So, if you lived in Canada four months...when was that? Are you still really a PR?

I remember this one guy from France who immigrated to Canada. He had never been there before, and he did not like it there. He could not find a job in three months and hence gave up and returned to his own country. He was a very strange person. He had no idea of how to be social, or how to behave with other people. He used to walk around in common spaces with his underwear smelling like he had poured a whole bottle of after shave on him. He was freaky...he left these little nasty notes all over....brrrr..a typical psychopath symptoms (trust I know)

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Wow...few days away from the forum and people have started responding to this IDIOT (you notice, I didn´t say in my opinion, as everyone think same for him).

I can almost smell a personal agenda perhaps a child is trying to take it out...

Just some Hard COLD Facts for Mr. High Paid Professional....

* Canada is the most connected Nation of the World

* Canada has ZERO percent poverty as compare to 17% is USA
and 40% in INDIA

* Canada is the Leader in Satellite and Radio Communication

* BlackBerry (always connected device) invented in Canada

* Average income of Canadian is $38K

I have been working in IT Industry since 1989 and also running my consulting business from last 10 years. Last year I went to Dubai (another so-called Modern City of the World) it took me 6 months and $12,000 in bribe to register my business there. In Canada it took me $65 and few minutes online.

Since, I am part of IT Industry, there is "NO COMPARISION" of Canadian and USA´s Industry with any part of the world. The manufacturing company I worked as the CIO for 6 years had $68 Millions for IT budgets. The ERP software we implemented cost us $33 Million (More then the budget of many countries). In Canada Auto Part Manufacturer pay $24/hour to their labour force . Majority of Canadian Industry is using computerized system before even Singapore or India situated (almost 50 years with technology).



I AM CANADIEN....yes Canadien not CANADIAN

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See this scandinavian creature what he is asking. Dear blind fellow i dont look when i type as i dont get paid for it. I work for money only your´s is a differnt u live good life on the alms of government there.
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Perhaps it is time you opened up your eyes. You are blinded by money.By the way I am "she", and I have earned every cent I am using. Unfortunately people can not choose their families when they are born. They also can not choose to be healthy. But I guess in your case they delivered you to a rich family, and gave you superpowers.... but they forgot to give you something else...
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