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Subject: Right of Permanent Residance Fee
  I am a Canadian citizen living in the UK with my husband. We want to move back to Canada and I have been approved to sponsor my husband. He has had his interview in London uk and has been approved his immigration Visa but they told us we had to pay the Right of Permanent Residance Fee first and then it would only take two weeks to get. I paid the fee to Mississauga going through the online area where I paid the application Fee that I sent with my application where it said ´make another payment´. I just want to know was that the right way to make this RPRF payment? Also how long will it take to get confirmation to the London office from Mississauga as it has been over two weeks now. Or does anyone have a phone number that I can call to see if my payment has been confirmed for my application?
Annette Cook
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Print the receipt and fax or mail it to CIC London, UK.
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