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  I emigrated from the UK to Canada five years ago. Application for permanent residence took over two years, lot of form filling, medical, and of course huge fee! I understand its now longer.

One of the most important issues for anyone from the UK wanting to come and live here is the job availability. I am a nurse, you might think employment was guaranteed. Think again. Red tape, mindless bureaucracy, and a two tier system of nursing, Diploma vs Degree has all but seen my career as a nurse come to a halt! Unlike the UK, employers here can stipulate in a job advert if its a Diploma or Degree nurse they are looking for. This is something that I was not prepared for prior to arriving. Nurse registration bodies will be quick to take your money for assessing qualifications. There is no guarantee that you will easily locate employment.

My heartfelt advice to anyone wishing to move here or anywhere else in the world is to think very hard about what it is you are getting yourself into, and get a firm offer of employment in your chosen field before you even think of getting on a plane!

Sadly, I learn´t the hard way and now am "living" with my choices.

Is Canadian life better than the UK? Well, its different that´s for sure, and with those differences come enormous challenges.

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Thank you for your input. I am sure many immigrants who chose to move to Canada are aware of those facts.
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Most immigrants do this type of research before moving. I´ve seen many long threads on other message boards dedicated to nursing in Canada (i.e. qualifications, job requirements, etc.). In other words, the fact that degree and diploma nurses in Canada are viewed differently isn´t a secret.

It would be crazy to move somewhere blindly (regardless of your profession) and assume qualifications and experience are a one to one.

I think the real lesson here is: Do your research.

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So I done it right! I moved here because of a job; soon as I knew I was hired, I prepared the forms (with the help of a certified attorney from Toronto) and filed the paper work, moved to Canada with the month, and let the process go through. By the time I had to ask for work permit renewal, I sent the passport for immigration visa stamp and soon made the trip to border and I was in. I don´t have any complaints about the job.... since I applied for it and accepted it before coming here. The caveat: my position became permanent 2 years after I started work and now I am riding out the recession without worries. If you got no job satisfaction, why even hang around here? Unless, of course, you are from a third world country (those folks seem to have utter contempt for whatever country they come from!).
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Well is was a closely kept secret when i was looking to come here. Actually I was given encouragement by hospitals and the registration board that because I was a British Nurse there would be no problems at all. I did have two years to look into this venture and plan it carefully, its not that I woke up one morning and bought a ticket to Canada. The fact that I was a nurse helped me with my permanent residency application. All good point you may have though?
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It is my believe as well as so many specialists and talented people knowing Canada well enough to give you a piece of advice:
Donít be fool. Canada wants immigrants to go for slavery, do the odd jobs and grow up next generation of Canadians!! As well, Canada wants your saving, what you have saved for your elderly stage. You see all gone in just few months.
This country is good only for refugees and disabled people who rather starving in a freezing weather than their own country!
I guarantee, the doctors here are waiting for you with different kinds of pills, depression pills, Mad caw pills and pills for retarded fellows!! Just go a see for yourself, of course, if the pills let your brain to figure it out!!!

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King of Fools demonstrates that we accept deluded people of all kinds.

A lot of people mistakenly think that the qualifications the government desires match more closely with what the market desires than they do. I have worked with hundreds of engineers and other individuals who thought that because they were given many points and or fast tracking for their credentials there was a guaranteed job waiting for them once they arrived. These people are often very disgruntled. Hopefully someone will see your post and the hundreds like it and research carefully what their own employment prospects are.

Similarly many people are very disappointed to find their language skills are unimpressive to employers although they were sufficient to gain points for immigration. I recognize that this is not at all your case coming from another English speaking country but this is just a further demonstration of how what it takes to get a PR card and what it takes to get a job do not perfectly match. Caveat emptor.

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I have to agree with Benjamin and King-of-FOOLS since I was an immigrant myself. However I chose not to become modern day slaves and returned to my country. Unless if you have a LOT of money to spend in the money-sucking Canadian education system.
For future immigrants, good luck, you´ll need it a LOT.

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