CSIS and complexities of screening.

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Subject: CSIS and complexities of screening.

I follow this blog regularly and find it very helpful. I just had a quick question for you all please.

My wife is a Canadian citizen. She is sponsoring me under spouse sponsorship category.

We have had our re-medicals done and await a request for the passport.

I was reading somewhere on a forum that the background check is a two step process. In the first step the high commission checks and verifies the information that the applicant provides them with e.g. the police check reports, employment history, education etc.

In the second phase CSIS conducts a security check, in collaboration with security liaison offices overseas, posted at the high commission . My question is as to what does this phase entail, what does CSIS do? do they perhaps tap the phones etc of every applicant?

I ask this particularly because before getting married to my wife i was in a relationship with an Irish lady. We do not have any close contact anymore (for about 6 years now). However we did speak to each other a month back, just checking how each other was doing. She did how ever use the phrases "we were together", "married", etc. I was wondering if CSIS taps the applicants´ phones to see who they talk to and about what.

Since the high commission does not know that i was in a relationship with another lady before i got married in 2009, can they perhaps make an issue out of that? The relationship that i had with the Irish lady holds no significance or validity in my country of origin (Pakistan).

What do you guys think? Your response would be much appreciated.


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