Landing-Protacted Refugee PR Application timeline

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Subject: Landing-Protacted Refugee PR Application timeline
  Hello Every body,

I am new in this forume, I need advice and idea and please share ur story if same as my topic.
I am a protected refugee in Canada.
10 Oct 09--Refugee claim
20 June 10---Claim accepted
01-Aug 10--applied for PR
20 Mar 11--AIP and DM

I received a letter from CIC asking my passport and also they said a copy of my file was sent to Pakistan so that they contact my spause, she is included in my application.

I called CIC call center asking them, 1-how long more will it take? 2-what will happen next? 3- are they going to give my landing and PR card first and then to my spuase? every time I heard new answeers.

does any body had the same experience, please share it will be give some ideas. do you know answeer for the above Questions?

Thanks, waitng for you reply


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Read carefully on your AIP letter. The 2nd step process time must be specified in the letter.
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