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Subject: Nanny regulations, relocating to Canada
  I have a friend from Europe who has had 1.5 years experience as a nanny in the UK and France and is interested in relocating to Canada (specifically, if possible, the Toronto area). The new regulations indicate that she has the experience, but it was 10 years ago and not within the last 3 years which, to my understanding, officially makes her ineligible.
Does anyone know how strict they are about this? She does have the experience, and it seems bizarre to suggest that changing a diaper or helping with homework has changed at all within the past 3 years. She has had several inquiries from interested families from the area.
Can anyone give any guidance?

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..was 10 years ago..

..has changed...the past 3 years

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Ok, not TERRIBLY helpful, anonymous, but...thanks anyway.
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She has to meet the criteria provided below to qualify. There is zero wiggle room.

I can understand why you might think this seems unreasonable. Unfortunately too many unqualified people tried to use this as a means of getting into Canada in the past and the rules were consequently tightened.

- - - - - -
At least six months’ training or at least one year of full-time paid work experience as a caregiver or in a related field or occupation (including six months with one employer) in the past three years

To claim work experience, you need to have worked for one year, including at least six months of continuous employment for the same employer. This work experience must be in a field or occupation specific to what you will do as a live-in caregiver. This experience must have been acquired within the three years immediately before the day on which you make an application for a work permit as a caregiver.

To claim training, it must have been full-time training in a classroom setting. Areas of study could be early childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or first aid.

Taken from:

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Thanks for the info. I understand and agree that only people meeting the qualifications should be allowed to take advantage of this program,that is perfectly reasonable; what I do see as unreasonable, however, is the time limitation. That isnt a skill-set that gets away from one because it´s been 3 years versus 4 or more, as in other jobs. more ranting. :p Thanks for the feedback!

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How long it takes for a nanny to be qualified for a permanent residency in Canada?
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