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Subject: arranged employment
I am currently in Canada (foreign worker status.) I have an arranged employment. I am going to apply for a permanent residence via Canadian Experience/Federal Skilled combined. I am a high school graduate. Am I qualified?
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Is it true that you´ll have to leave Canada after working for 4 years?
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hi! i was about to enter canada using a working visa. can somebody tell me how i could convert it to PR visa so that i could get my husband from the philippines? thanks a lot for replying..your help is mostly appreciated
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your working visa is not convertible. you need to make a new federal skilled worker application.

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currently in canada, my previous work under hotel, now i switch to live-in caregiver awaiting for my new working permit? im in canada 2 years now? should i will be waiting or should i go back to the philippines? my application on process? please reply thank you very much

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