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Subject: Landing Visa and Bank Loan
I´m a US citizen working in Canada on a work permit. I have my landing visa through immigration lawyers, and have until Nov.,2011 to go to the Canadian border and get my PR. In the meantime, me and my common-law partner, who´s a Canadian citizen, are buying a new home here in Canada through a Canadian bank loan. We want to go on the loan together, and the Canadian loan officer is going to try and get me on the loan with my partner. Is this a good idea to try and go on the loan now, or should I wait until after I get my PR at the border? Also, do I have to report to immigration that I´m moving 16km away to the town where I work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Similar situation. You won´t be able to go on the loan because you´re not a PR of Canada yet. If possible, try not to amend COPR doc. I would wait until you become a PR of Canada first before going on loan.

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