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Subject: Fined for unwed mother in china
according to roy (quoted from toronto star), an unwed mother will be fined 400,000 in china - is that truth? according to my china´s friend - more like CAD $1,700. So.... is roy telling the truth or he inflated the amount just to win a case - which he lost by the way...
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Here is some information on China´s ONE CHILD policy;

1. Han Chinese living in cities can have only one child while those in rural areas can have a second child if the first one is a girl. This, however, does not apply to other minority families in China.

2. Injured law enforcement officers and veterans can have up to two children.

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About 20,000 CAD $ for Han Chinese families who have a second child.

Somewhere between 5000 and 20,000 Yuan for a child unregistered within the first several months of pregnancy.

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About 80,000 mainland Chinese mothers gave birth to their second child in Hong Kong in order not to be fined under China´s ONE CHILD policy in the last ten years. They can be fined up to 20,000 or 200,000 yuan depending on their annual income in China.
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To All

WOW I missed the article in the Toronto Star but I know it was in the Toronto Sun, Omni TV, Global TV, Ming Pao, CFRB 1010 Talk Radio etc..

The first time I ran to the media for the sake of an Un-Wed Mother the Chinese Consulate in Toronto sent bad guys to try to accuse me of inflating the fine. They soon learned that when I say something my Math is correct because I have done my research.

If one believes that the annual disposable average income in Canada is only $20,000.00 Canadian all one has to do is multiply that by six = $120,000.00

Now google Stats Canada and find that the disposable income in Canada is $28,000.00 so 6 X 8 = 48

Hence $28,000.00 X 6 = $168,000.00 so I did not over inflate anything.

The IRB Information Response Request says a SOCIAL MAINTENANCE FEE (fine) between 4 & 6 the annual disposable income so I was more then fair and picked FIVES TIMES $28,000.00 = $140,000.00

Now anonymous thank you for your information but like the CIC Officer from Niagara Falls your looking at a women with above quota children and this is not Ms. Wang.

You should have been able to find a Father that was fined $100,000.00 USD and his co-workers were also fined for one above quota child.

Some like to challenge me on this issue and if their polite I will gladly explain everything. I do not mind helping ignorant people understand that when a child is not allowed to go to State funded schools because their Mother does not have a husband is unacceptable to the vast majority of Canadian`s.

Currently I am working with a Law Firm in Orlando Florida regarding an Un-Wed Mother from China there.



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AW Come on Anonymous **247.182.4

I answered your allegation of me not telling the truth or inflating the fine Un-Wed mothers would face.

I missed your reply of my answer, WHY!

Maybe you should ask your Chinese friend who is the authority in this matter.


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Hello Roy.
Thank you for your support for refugees.
I hope to find help for an unwed mother in one of the larger cities in Guangdong Province. She has a 2 year old girl and is now facing problems in obtaining a haikou for the child, and access to services without this.
As you say the fine for an unwed woman having a child is heavy and must be paid before the child can be registered and a haikou is issued. Without a haikou, enrolling in schools, and getting other services is either expensive or even in some cases, impossible.
Do you have any suggestions of NGOs or other support service agencies she might contact?

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I do not have any dealings with NGO´s in other countries.I do know that the various Children Aid Socities in the GTA was well aware of what actually happens.

I would suggest using a variety o search engines in English and if your able to use Mandarin as well to find any information that could be used.

Best of luck



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