sponsered husband but now we want a divorce...

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Subject: sponsered husband but now we want a divorce...
  hi, my husband and i got married in the beginning of 2007 he got deported in september of that year.. i´ve been Sponsering him since then its been 4 years... i went to visit him to hes country 2 times throughout the 4 years and i found out he had done some things i thought i couldn´t forgive him so i was about to stop the sponsership but i found out i was pregnant and i wanted it to work real bad for the sake of my baby.... well now he finally got accepted n hes been here for a month but things are not going well.. he has confessed some new things i didn´t know about and its the last straw.. i don´t want to be married to him any longer i spoke to him about it and he said he wants a divorce as well.. the sad thing is when he told me all this it didn´t affect me that much anymore.. i think i have stopped loving him.. my question is can i get a divorce?? i remember signing a paper saying that i was going to help him for 3 years after him arriving to Canada whats going to happen with that? and whats going to happen to my baby shes 3 years old? please help me i dont know what to do and im really scared of what can happen to me or my baby.. all i wanted was a family and i made a big mistake trusting him. please help me....
scared dont no what to do
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sorry i forgot to ask whats going to happen to him if we can get a divorce will he still be able to stay here in canada or is he going to have to return to hes country???
scared dont no what to do
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Dear Madame,

This refers to your extraordinary family circumstance.
You may choose to end your marriage by divorcing your husband.
However, your sponsorship agreement will still stand for 3 years. Your husband will maintain his PR as long as he keeps good civil records.

P.S Divorce costs, single mother income, ex-husband´s social assistance, rising food costs, etc

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1) you are free to divorce him
2) he will be allowed to stay in Canada unless CIC thinking you misrepresented your application. (does not sound like it)
3) you are responsible for him for 3 years from landing so make sure he is not going to become a government leech.
4) your child and custody and support is a matter for the family courts - not immigration.

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Scared Do Not Know what To DO


Until you obtain LEGAL CUSTODY your child is not truly yours to do with as you please. Say in three years you want to go on vacation with your child to a foreign country the child will need a passport. Passport Canada will not issue a Canadian Passport without the Fathers consent and if you already have a Canadian Passport for your child they will never renew same without the consent of the Father or LEGAL CUSTODY!

Without full custody your child will not be granted a Canadian Passport! Do your own research!

At the same time go after support payments. Only fair, support payments, do not get greedy!


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thanks everyone for everything you all told me.... i have spoken to him and he has agreed to the divorce and says that as long as he can see the baby hes fine with everything else and im trying to do everything right so i dont regret anything later on in life.... hopefully everything goes well for me.........
scares dont no wat to do
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