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As a temporary foreign worker (LMO approved), I can only work in Canada up to 4 years and must leave afterward?

In another word, I must get my PR within 4 years?

Is it possible to go around the 4 year limit on foreign worker program if a new LMO is granted?

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When rules change one can ask;

Did the rules change regarding Temporary workers
When will the Rules Change regarding Temporary workers

Without any supporting evidence why believe - jh!

This article informs readers regarding when and what.

Now the changes have been printed in the Gazette but who reads that on a daily basis. The Regulations can not change until the rules come into place and neither can the manuals.

So why are you jh so concerned about not informing others of changes that may affect their lives or their employers. Could it be jh you failed to think of it first.

jh this is supposed to be the information highway. You prefer that no one be informed of Immigration Regulation changes, why

I suggest you pull over and get off of the highway.


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So (jh) why did you post about the new spousal sponsorship regulations they were in the Gazette and in the Newspaper.

Should I cut and paste when the new requirements for Sponsoring A Spouse become Law or should I leave it up to all to read it in the newspaper.




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