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Subject: Family Visa (Spousal) Sponsorship

My wife is a candian national and i am from PAKISTAN. My wife has applied my sponsorship from CANADA last year December 2010. She has received an acceptance letter after 50 days of documents submission.

My query is:

would i receive any letter from my embassy in Pakistan?
How much time the embassy will take to clear my documents app.?

One more thing in an immigration website i hv read the processing time for Family class visa (SPOUSE) is almost 21 months although last year it was 16 months for PAKISTAN. What does this mean? Is this a maximum processing time ? Is there any minimum time limit for this? Can i get it in a year?

Please HELP!!!!


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We will respond to you in a reasonable time frame or in a manner timely as we would like.

Thank you for your interest in Canada.

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