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Subject: Application Status Changed - Need Advice
  Dear All,

I applied canadian immigration under skilled workers on 31-01-2008 and got acknowledge that application had been recieved on 01-02-2008.

Recently i checked my application status on CIC official website and found below status. Can anybody explain me are they gonna start evaluation process and will request for documents or this is just a next step and i gonna wait for few more years.

Second question, I applied from my pakistan but i am working in uae since 2008 so should i make request for change of address from pak to uae.


Permanent Residence
We started processing your application on February 25, 2008.

We transferred your application to the London England office on January 27, 2011. The London England office may contact you.


Please note that i applied before February 28, 2008 under old rules and regulations.

Waiting your kind response

Regards & Thanks

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Any body answer plzzzz.
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