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Subject: To Sharon - Re. question to CIC applicants
  Dear Sharon,
I was going to reply to your thread, but it was already full, so I decided to post the reply here.

I´m from the country where it has full of technology, well developed health care system, good education environment. However, for some reasons I always dreamed to get out from my country. One of the reasons was that I can not be myself as long as living there. People are always trying to be the same as other people, comparing with others and if you have different fashion, opinion and thoughts from others, you´re almost left alone. Also, if you do not succeed at the very beginning of your life stage, you´re done for the rest of your life. I was graduated from one of the best music college in my country, and got a good job there. But I chose Canada to live my second life.

Canada, as somebody mentioned in this forum, might not have a good health care system, and hard to earn good money as much as I did in my country, it has power to make people happy by its full of nature. In my case, since I came to Canada as a student 4 yrs ago, I´ve started to learn many new things that I could have never done in my country.

What I want to say here is that in Canada, you can always start over your new life if you wish to. If you wanna go back to school and get a new skill, you can do it anytime.

I belive that the meaning of "quality of life" is different among people. Some people might think that only money makes them happy, and earning lots of money means their quality of life, and that´s the only way to judge people or country. However, I´m very happy right now living in this beautiful country as been myself, meeting people from different countries and cultures, and mostly for the first time I´m motivating to live and improve my quality of life.

Life is not easy no matter where you live. Even in Canada I had some hard time in last 4 yrs, but Canada is always allowing me to challenge and start over. Canada is the country where I can live my quality of life.

I apologize for my poor English writing skill...


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thanks Faith
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Dear Faith,

U went there as a student and after living for many years u r not some figure.

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wow, who is talking ?
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I think Canadian healthcare is pretty good. Depending on province you live, you may have to pay a small fee, but then you do not have to pay anything for a treatment. Also I had an operation in Canada, and it went well.In my country we have a good healthcare but it costs a bit more. I used to live in UK, and only thing I can say is that they have the worse healthcare I have ever experienced in developed counry. I had a three hour heart operation there(due an assault) and before the operation they told me I could die. So I asked if they can perform the operation in more safe manner.. the response will make a bigger scar. Obviously I had to tell them it does not matter what size of scar I have when dead. After op they lost my papers, and add to the injury those bandages were so badly tied they begun to bleed.That was not the only experince there either. Vow ...I prefer any Canadian hospital any day.
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I am not sure who told you about Canadian HealthCare system but I can speak from my personal experience.

I know a 4 years old who needs medical attention. She has been in OR (Operating Room)8 times already and will be going there couple more time in near future. She has been to Australia, UK, and USA for consultations but everyone has told that she is in best hands. Sick Children Hospital in Toronto has rated Number 1 for their Research and Facility. She goes for Therapy 3 times a week. How much they have paid so far....NADA..not a single penny.

People talk about their or other countries Medical system etc. but why don´t they realise all the major surgeries (which make the news) always takes place in Canada or USA. I wonder why? Why all the top pharmaceutical companies are in Canada or USA?

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hey Faith... I appreciate your answer. thank you.
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