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  The other popular choice for a Denmark visa is to work. Like the Denmark visa above, there are different Denmark visa requirements for people from Scandinavian countries, European countries and non European-countries regarding this work permit.

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To Global Visas

The fact that your web site (CLAIMS) you have Danish Immigration EXPERTS, US Immigration EXPERTS, Australian Immigration EXPERTS,New Zea land Immigration EXPERTS, Indian Immigration EXPERTS and Canadian Immigration EXPERTS make me wonder if your telling the truth.

Why do you think your Immigration advisers are experts?

You show the CSIC Logo and CSIC members are not allowed to call them selves experts or specialists. Yet the definition of an Expert is perceived as someone who needs to learn no more. Yet Canadian Immigration is always evolving.

Finding out who is the actual representative(s) for your company is extremely difficult when viewing your web site.

With the web being the information highway that it is, one would logically assume that you would want to post all of your EXPERTS names so potential customers could assess them.

I can not find the names of your representatives you call EXPERTS for some reason, can you explain WHY?


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Jealous? I think he is just being honest. what are the odds that one little company could have Experts in 6 different immigration systems. Does India even have an immigration system. Seems to me everyone wants to leave there - not go there. Just because you have filled out one application does not make you an expert.

Where do you expect to get the best skilled mechanic for your Mercedes - at a general mechanic, a Ford dealership or a Mercedes specialist?

Where do you expect to get the best medical care for your gall bladder? The dentist, the GP or the internal specialist.

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