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Im pregnant and my due date is May 2nd, my partner applied for Refugee but he was reject, we received the notice 2 days ago,
He can apply for the PRRA or leave Canada voluntarily. I call to Immigration and they said that he has to leave in one month, actually he doesn´t apply for the PRRA just is case to be very necessary is our last option. Can he get a chance to stay here at least one month more? just until our baby and I can travel without apply for the PRRA.

We want to leave Canada with our record clean (dont push hard to the government to saty here) , because maybe in the future if Mexico is still dangerous, we wanna go back here and give the opportunity of our baby to grow up here (he will be Canadian) but all together.

Somebody told me that the H&C is the best chance that we have cuz the baby, if my partner needs to leave, we will leave and continue with the application outside of Canada, the thing is that we dont want to affect our possibilities to come here again applying for the H&C or PRRA.

We want to take the right and safe way, but at this moment we are lost.

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Let´s go home and give birth to your child because the more worried and anxious you are, the less happy one your baby might be.

There is always right channel to come back to Canada if your child moves to Canada as PR and sponsor his or her parents.

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What crap Anonymous 232.244.253 are you advising Pekas?

Their baby is not even born yet and no were did Pekas state her status.

If the baby is born on June 1st 2011 that child when it reaches 19 can sponsor the parents back to Canada with an ARC.

So on June 1st 2030 if their child meets the LICO he/she can sponsor the parents back. Now currently at least five years so in 2035 at least they might have a chance.

If Pekas is legal she has options.


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If the child moves to Canada as a PR and sponsors.

Who are you?????

If the child is born in Mexico or any other country than Canada it will be a citizen of that country and have no rights to become a PR! LOL

If the child is born in Canada the child will be Canadian and not have to apply for PR status.


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Im legal here, I have a study and work permit, i dont want to take the risk to flight, and will be double expense, in my country at this moment we dont have Medical insurance, and here my care card cover everything, so doesnt make sense go back before giving birth my baby.

We just need one month more or a few days after he has to leave, can it be possible?

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Best case scenario, she is Canadian. So what?

Dad is going to apply under H&C grounds but at the end of the day an H&C application is not going to prevent his removal from Canada.

Leaving within 30 days is probably the best option. He can go back and if she is a Canadian citizen or PR, she can sponsor him back.

If she is NOT a PR or Canadian citizen, are you really holding your breath on the future baby´s citizenship for sponsoring?

Yeah..right... the law is not going to change in 19 years.

How many applications from Mexican refugee claims are being refused every year? Do you have an idea?

His chances are very slim to none with the PRRA or even an H&C. Best bet is to secure a work permit and immigrate if family reunification is not an option.

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Since no one else is bothering to understand what your trying to say , I will try and help.

Your best solution right now is for the husband to go back and for you to stay here untill you give birth this will get your baby citizenship automatically which will secure his/her future (I know its not easy but you want whats best for the baby) if your husband stays than he would risk facing removal (you dont want this)

You can go back to your husband after the baby is born.

Immigrating to canada in the future:

Im not sure if you qualify but you can try immigrating under the federal skilled worker program as a family or since your worked here on a work permit maybe you qualify for the CEC Canadian Experiance Class

Good luck

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If your eligible apply under CEC and if approved in time sponsor him.


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