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Subject: Conservatives - Crime - Immigration
  Okay so here goes the Conservative bassher again!

I just can´t help myself.

The Conservatives latest policy announcement by Minister Kenny in Vancouver.

Conservatives promise to speed up deportations.

Imagine your a PR who has lived in Canada for thirty years and never applied for citizenship because you could care less to vote. You don´t need a PR card to go home for a visit because your former country does not require visitor visas.

Then one day you get charged with a fairly minor offence (shoplifting) and your Lawyer tells you to plead guilty to get the matter over with. You were carrying something around that was heavy with every intention of paying but placed it in a bag you were carrying. You exit and the store detective arrests you and the store has a zero tolerance level.

When your found guilty it does not matter that it was only an accident your guilty of because you said your guilty in front of the Judge so your guilty of serious crimminality according to CIC/CBSA.

Serious criminality IRPA 64 (2) is currently defined as a crime that is punished in Canada by a jail term of at least two years and that is what the Conservatives want to change.


Now it does not matter if you only had to apologize or pay a fine it is the potential sentence that the Conservatives care about. If you a PR & you could get sentenced to two years you will have no right of appeal. Currently the Bar is set at in excess of ten years.

Now I am not soft on crimminals or those that have numerous convictions. I think that the brass at CBSA should aggressively push to get the crown to stay or withdraw charges to affect removal.

I have a PR client who has been here for 18 year who mistakenly thought a co-worker was truly in love with her. Even though he sought and obtained a restraining order.

She pleaded guilty and was ordered to get medical treatment. Today she is a totally healthy woman. Yet the Conservatives claim she should not be allowed to appeal a removal order, Why?


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when you cherry pick a scenario to illustrate what is wrong with an entire policy you make it very hard not to offer a rebuttal.

Do you really think this is helpful? The majority of people reading this forum are living outside the country, or are not eligible to vote. So, what is your point?

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Me and my wife have been kept away from the country for more than 8 years. Her "serious international crime"?? Surviving a car collision in a European country...When my wife applied to Cdn Criminal rehab she got a letter saying ...she didn´t have to apply for criminal rehab, ´cuz 1 - She wasn´t a criminal 2 - CIC made a "mistake" 3 - CIC apologized for the "delay" in communicating this decision. NO SHIT!! It took these morons 8 years to realize they were wrong. These nefarious ignorant idiots robbed us of our chance to get our nationality. Worst is, there are many - I say many other horror stories like this (nobody cares on Parliament hill or in the media). Even a rookie law student could have told you CIC PR rejection based on this "criminal conviction" was pure insanity but visa agents are given complete "discretionary powers" sooooo...they can deny you entry on a whim and get away with it. I don´t know where CIC recruits the dumbest ones but frankly the ones we have been dealing with were certified CIC Morons of the worst kind...THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST IDIOTS LIKE THAT Yeah! They destroy lives just to make a fXXXXX bureaucratic point.
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I hear your pain.

I´m glad someone understands that this is a problem for FSW applicants. We have a Professional Lady who fell in love with a self employed construction type guy who was a failed refugee claimant.

They got a lot of bad legal advice by Legal Counsels saying just pay me we will take it to Federal court again and again.

Then they learned by themselves he should go home and apply for an ARC.

He was interviewed by three different Visa Officers.

Officer number one found him to be in a genuine marriage, recommended approval of the ARC but his medical was missing.

First Officer is no longer at Visa Post so a second interview is asked for. Officer number two found him to be in a genuine marriage and also recommended the ARC be granted but no response from Canada.

Second Officer is no longer at Visa Post so a second interview is asked for b ecause information from GTEC arrives.

Officer number three found him NOT to be in a genuine marriage and refused the ARC.

Now that is power.


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It shouldn´t be like that...I believe in checks and balances...and accountability

(Long Sigh...)

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Canadians are the worst, they have been short ending the immigrants for so many years, I am glad that the only ppl migrating to Canada are the desperate.
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Is there a cyberplace where we can communicate "privately" got a question for you...

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