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Subject: Fair Immigration Policy #2
  I heard an immigration lawyer on the radio this week commenting on the ´anything but conservative´ campaign being waged by immigration consultants.

Interesting suggestion on the family class to resolve the problem - 1 visa per application. That would mean, the widow Mom or widower Dad with no family in the old country would get priority rather than the first in line who wants 5 visas for Mom, Dad and young siblings.

There has to be a cap -open ended family class sponsorship is unsusstainable. If the intake amount continues to balloon, just like they have done with FSW, the rules have to be modified to reduce the number of applications.

Why is this so controversial? We have 2 choices, make it harder or make the wait longer.

Given what I have witnessed with elder care issues in our hospital system, we cannot afford to indiscriminately add thousands to our already aging population. We can´t cope with what we have now.

a 2 year wait for publicly funded assisted living is outrageous. In home care is so limited that you may as well not have any. Private care - get out your wallets and be prepared to run out of money fast. Yes, I could have my Mom live with me, but I would still have to hire home care support.

making unrealistic election promises with the singular intent of capturing voted is unethical in my books.

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It is not Consultants but Lawyers from all across the country and acedemics that claim the conservative policy against Immigration.

I just watched it on the news. Barbara Jackman is an Immigration Specialist with the LSUC and there was acadmics interviewed as well. Omni 1 & 2 of course will rerun the clip.

Yes we have a serious problem with elder care in every province.

That does not mean that the IRPA Act can not be ammended for the parental sponsorship to be increased to fifteen or even twenty years to take the strain off of elder care facilities.

Even if your parents are only in their mid 40´s and will be bringing lots of cash should not allow CIC to treat them different.

Elder care is not a reason to keep a only child Canadian who meets the LICO waiting 42 months to be approved as a sponsor.


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that is why the lawyer I was listening to, change the system from a first in first out system to a point system or 1 visa per system that would take your scenario into consideration and give it priority.

there is no way IRPA would be sufficient to cover the shocking costs of publicly funded supports for parents. We are talking $36 - $50,000 a year to keep a parent in privately funded assisted living. Publicly funded is $12,000 a year - if you can get it.

sorry, I don´t see CIC chasing people to pay up for delinquent undertaking responsibilities.

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Sharon. Shut up you have no clue what you are talking about. You are a shill for big blue as in corporate blue.
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Bill, do you have any idea what it costs to keep someone in hospital? How will CIC get money from someone that does not have it. Could you imagine the outcry if a sponsor lost his house and all his savings to cover a medical undertaking?

As for your second comment - are you suggesting we only accept students as immigrants?

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When I got financially cornered in Canada I had two options: Stay and apply for Government welfare benefits, subsidized housing and all (with many unanswered questions regarding my dependents future (wife had been mistakenly considered as a Serious International Criminal) OR... go get hanged somewhere else...

Rather than costing a single buck to the taxpayer (and screwing up my chances to sponsor my gang) I left...Yeah LEFT...(for a beautiful mountainous country where strange lookin bearded and agitated folks go out of their way to blow my vehicle to smithereens each time I poke my white Western nose outside...LOL How about that for fairness honey?? Better dead than a Cdn welfare recipient! )

What I mean to say is that not everyone coming in this country is a naturally born welfare predator (Even for medical services, my wife and I decided that serious medical contingencies would have to be dealt with in a European country NOT in Canada and with our own funds BTW).

There´s got to be a way to bring some sanity and common sense back in the system. The CIC machine is out of control and geared to shaft immigrants in every possible way yet Ottawa still lavishly spends taxpayers dollars to advertise the country as an "immigrant friendly destination" (go figure). Not to mention the complete lack of oversight of these "anonymously numbered", hyper-unionized, jack booted visa agents at the POEs who would suuure benefit from a few additional multicultural/national awareness training sessions...(A few more comparative Law courses wouldn´t hurt either)

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How many of you actually read the article which did not only focus on parental sponsorships?


What about Ontario´s fight with the Federal Government over a bettter Immigration deal?

What about 53 Million cut in settlement funds and 43 million from Ontario alone?

Cancelling the option for refugee claimants to apply from within their own country!

Yet they want to get tough on smugglers, LOL Yet they detain you for longer if you come by boat instead of plane, car or you swim or walk across the border.

Then if they find you a convention refugee you wait five years for PR status, is that fair?

Skilled worker applications have gone up not down even with only 28 occupations avaialble.

PARENTAL SPONSORSHIPS HAVE DROPPED! Parents and their children are giving up any chance of sponsoring them! So why is this a focus of this thread?

Either family reunification is an objective of the act A3(1)(d) and prompt processing IRPA 3(1) (f) is an objective of the Act or we do not believe in our own Laws.

We can and must do better!

Be nicer to one another it is a holiday weekend.


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Get back on the campaign trail Harper needs you.
If you promise new recruits the possibility of working in this country with a good job and benefits you should expect him to want to bring his family along.
If families want to be together they should at any cost. If you don´t want the parents don´t let the young professionals in. Its the same as wanting the spoils with out the sacrifice.
So let me get this straight. You would like some foreign country to help educate their youth and then you lure them into this country but you think that the parents should be left behind as a burden to their home country while you exploit their educated youth.
Its simple you allow in the kids they should be allowed to bring their parents. It´s called FAMILY for those who don´t know or conveniently forget. I don´t even want to get into it but this government is a fraud and someone should take them to court. That someone may be me. I am giving it a few more months.

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Look at the top destination for immigration and tell me which ones offer family class (other than spouse) sponsorship.

Some would suggest parents would be far better off remaining in their home country with financial support from their Canadian kids. How many kids just want free babysitting and maid service?

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"Some would suggest parents would be far better off remaining in their home country with financial support from their Canadian kids. How many kids just want free babysitting and maid service?"
What is this??????????
Lets see. they raised the kids put them through school and all they want now is a few dollars a moth. Your idea of a family. Nice. Wouldn´t we all want to be part of Sharons idea of a family. Oh! Maybe she just meant immigrant families.By the way i was born and raised in this country in case you where wondering.
Your true blue colors are showing.
Some grandparents enjoying seeing their grandchildren.This may come as a shock to you I know? This shows the depth of your knowledge on this subject. Get back on the campaign trail.

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