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Subject: PRRA and inland sponsor ship
  Hi guys,

Here is my little history.

My refugee case failed, and appeal failed, too.

I just got married to a PR. This is real marriage.

3 days ago, I got a letter from Canada Border Services Agency asking for an interview 2 weeks after.

Now, my sponsorship application has not been submitted. Will it stop PRRA or removal process, if I submit the inland sponsorship in a few days before I actually go to the interview?

Anything I should do or say during the interview, that can allow me to stay with my wife while waiting for the result of sponsorship application?

Please help!

Thanks a lot!

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Before May 3rd, 2011, your in-land spousal application must be received by CIC.

The ‘Spouse in Canada Public Policy’ of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration means that the Minister grants an administrative deferral of removal for individuals who have submitted a spousal application before they become removal ready.

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And I already feel a breath below this post.

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Thanks for replying, but I am not taking a long breath yet. Some say the application must be submitted before the date of PRRA letter. I am not sure if the request interview letter is the PRRA letter they are referring to. Also, how does CIC determine "received application". Signed the mail or actually input in the system?
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Application submitted? That´s it?

That alone will not prevent or defer your removal.

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Read the manuals it is in the appendix of OP8 I believe.

The best option is to do a real good PRRA and submit an overseas spousal now even before he is sent home.

Be very nice and cooperative it may affect your application for an ARC.


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Must be receieved at CIC seven days after the date on the letter to go in for prra. Send registered mail and you should be ok. Bring proof of payment as well as Canada post tracking number on interview day.
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I got issued with an exclusion order and when i went into the immigration offices they offered me a PRRA, the first part of the prra has to be in by May 26th and the supporting paperwork by June 10th 2011, i know the success rate for a prra is slim... The Immigration officer said my husband could still send in the sponsorship paperwork , my question is should we send in an Spousal Inland Application or a H&C application? I´m so confused..


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Hi, I am back from the interview. The application was submitted and received before we went to the interview. They sent me home to wait for the decision of the inland sponsorship.

My understanding is exclusion order will be issued at the same time giving PRRA. Vicky, I am sorry, but I think inland sponsorship or H&C doesn´t stop exclusion or removal order.

What you could do is do the PRRA, win sometime to be with your husband, and submit oversea sponsorship at the same time.

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