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Subject: PRRA and sponsorship outside canada
  Hi, I`ve been rejected from the refugee board and I got the letter with the negative decision on April 1st. At the same time we submitted an application for sponsorship from Outside Canada on january, hoping that the outside way will be faster ( my partner has been eligible as a sponsor on March 1). Now I was rejected from IRB I wonder

(1) if there is any other way to remain in canada based on my application for sponsorship

(2) or if I should do the PRRA and try to stay in that way,

(3) or definitely should I leave the country voluntarily and find a different way to come back before my sponsorship is done?

Like I said before we chose the outside way because it was faster however, the last month they change the time of processing for my country from 7 months to 15, honestly 7 months it was a considerably amount of time to be separated, but 15 month is crazy, I wont know my husband by the time I come back. Another doubt..

(4) If I do the PRRA and this one is rejected, wont I be able to come back at least for a year even if my sponsorship is done?

(5) If I leave voluntarily, am I able to come back as a visitor even?

Thank you, at this point Im kind of rushing, I dont wanna leave for that long!

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If your PRRA is accepted, you get to stay as Protected Person.

If you leave Canada and if your outland sponsorship application is accepted, you get to come and land in Canada.

There is no more ifs and or buts.

The case is closed.

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Are you not doing things backwards?

Asking the question (what should I do)after you have already submitted your overseas spousal application!

If your dates are 2011 it would be logical to assume that around the time of your refugee hearing you submitted your application in or abouts January 2011. 45 days later your sponsor is approved March 1st 2011. Then you get your negative RPD decision on April 1st 2011.

Why on earth would you not submit from within Canada, your here and don´t seem to want to be separated from your partner!!!!

Your best option to remain together is to withdraw the overseas and do an InLand spousal application - or

Winning a PRRA is less then 1% chance.


1. NO

2. Buy a Lotto Max better chance of winning

3. Leave voluntary NOW so that your removal order does not become a deportation order but there is no legal way back without an ARC.

4. If yo0u wait to be called to a PRRA your order becomes a deportation order and you need an ARC + + +

5. NO your excluded and need an ARC


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I know now seems stupid the fact that I did my application overseas, but at the moment it seemed to be the best option. you say that we could withdraw the overseas application and do it inland, but IŽll be without status in a few days, do I have to do the PRRA and also submit a new application? otherwise I dont know how I can be able to stay (does the inland application allows me to stay as soon as I submit it? sounds more complicated. and doing it inland you dont have chance to appeal, being rejected from IRB I have very little chances to be accepted that easy although my relationship is genuine. What I am thinking is that I can probably do the PRRA even if the chances of winning is 1%, at least that would give me sometime while the sponsorship process is done, I just wonder how could the order of deportation affect my sponsorship process, and how long does it take to get the ARC? thinking that I have to comeback to my country after the prra is rejected. OMG, why does this have to be that complicated? and every process takes that long to be doneee!! sorry, Im a litle frustrated right now, is hard being in the situation where you dont know what is gonna happend to your life the next month and if you will be allow to be with your partner. Thanks again. have a good one
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What are you saying "WITH OUT STATUS"?

You still have status and probably a valid open work permit. You made a refugee claim.

If you have complied and not overtly prevented your removal your removal will be deferred until CIC renders a decison in your case. Like I said earlier read the manuals on Spousal Public Policy. All the information is clearly in the manuals!


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