TRV processing faster in person..???

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Subject: TRV processing faster in person..???
  Dear Roy,

I am applying for TRV from Abu-Dhabi, i am an Architect working in Oman. I have option of sending it via Courier or alternatively i can personally visit the Embassy - AbuDhabi and submit it in person.

Do you think its a faster alternative, i need the visa ASAP.

Based on your advise i will start for Abu-dhabi at the earliest.

Thanking you in advance.



Dhaval Shah
(in reply to: TRV processing faster in person..???)
Well they are closed today so you do not have to arrive until Tuesday.

Any application that is submitted is suppose to be dealt with as first in first completed. Now in person applications do not have to be mailed and that in itself may speed up the process.

Be calm cool and a little assertive but remember everything in moderation and nothing to excess.


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