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Subject: Medical examination
  Hi everone

I applied for my PR under the CEC category in aug 2010. Some one told me that i should get my medical exam done in advance to save time. There is a lot of confusion with the forms.I know for sure that form required is IMM 1017 but, not sure if the doctor is supposed to provide the form or I am supposed to take it along. I called up the doctors office and they said I am supposed to bring the form along. But according to my research the doctor should have the form and he is supposed to mail it to immigration canada. Can anyone please help.

Also if someone can tell me what is Visa office number, IMS serial number and FOSS client ID.

Thank you

Hardeep Sohal
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After being approved in principle (the first stage), the applicants are given by mail their medical form (IMM 1017) with visa office and FOSS number assigned to it.

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