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  Hi DocD,

From the various posts I gathered that you´re with the CBSA and hoping you can shed some light on a situation.

We have a friend who basically mispresented to CIC and was caught and has been in detention since late 2010. CBSA has declared that she is to be removed from Canada but because she had destroyed her expired passport she is without travel documents. Her detention is now approaching the six month mark and she is still lingering there. Why is it taking so long to get her on her way? She had provided her information as requested by CBSA since her detention, does she have to wait for a passport to be issued by the Chinese government or is it something else that needs to be issued?

Thank you in advance for your response.

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There is got to be more than that, the misrepresentation to CIC must have a long tail. She failed to appear on something or there is something else. Anyway....

There are several things that have to happen before her removal.

1- CBSA has to verify her identidy.
2- Background check may be required.(This point needs a very long explanation)
3- CBSA needs a travel document (Passport or equivalent) and a verification that if deported she will be admitted to her country of residence.
4- Arrange her ticket and remove the individual.

It is very slow and painful working with some embassies since they provide very little to no information regarding their own citizens.

Until then, there is not much to do.

Question for DocD (in reply to: Question for DocD)
Thank you very much for responding I guess until all the steps are completed there is not much that can be done to speed things up for our friend.

I suppose the monthly detention reviews that she is appearing at is really just going through the motions and that she really has no hope of getting released from detention other than when CBSA put her on a plane heading for China.

By the way, you are correct that there is more to it than just a simple misrespresentation as she had used a false identity to claim refugee and was exposed while waiting for H&C decision which by the way has since been rendered.

Based on your experience is can the removal take a year or even longer to complete? And that she will be kept in detention until then?

Thanks again.

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