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Subject: Moving out
  Anyone, pls give us your best advise... applied for Federal Skilled Worker
My husband has just finished his full study course here in the US and we have already scheduled our departure this early May to go back home. Our application has been submitted last February and as per our record, CIO has taken out our application fees through credit card we provided, same month. As of this writing, we have not gotten a file# to send updates of our new info (address, tel#, course finished etc...). We have seen from a Canadian Website this: Contact FSW Client Service Unit and plan to submit inquiry on our situation. Is this the right website to relay our current concern or would anyone know better another way of doing it properly? We´re bound to go to another country first before home so this shld also needs to be known by Canadian ofc. Pls help. Thank you so much

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At the time of application, I would have filled in the mailing address as that of my home country since it would be different in three months.
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Thank you for replying. We used our current address in the US when we filed it since our departure from the US is still uncertain at that time. As of this writing, we have already left the US and staying in a different country before landing home by late May. We have wrote (via email) to Client Service Unit (CSU) and have not filled-out a case# as we still don´t have it yet. Our chosen VO is our home country. CSU will reply within 20 days (if we qualify) and wondering if in case they don´t send any response, we plan to email after 20 days our VO, taking chances to send updates on our application. Will this work? Pls advise. Tx again
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