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Subject: Fair Immigration Policy #6
  Well said Roy.
Its not a complicated issue until spin doctors try to spin information to confuse people.

Sharon knows very well how it works yet comes on this forum to spin the facts.
Sharons´ Quote "So, if there are 80 applications a day and 60 end up being spouses and children - well, there are only 20 parental applications processed. If those 20 happen to include applications with 2 parents and 4 dependent children - well, you can see that there are a lot of applications left in the in-basket. "
This is pure spin. There are enough spouse and children application and foreign workers and refugees to fill every day. If you chose to ignore parents and grandparents then the never get done. This spin is usually reserved for politicians.
Craig Speirs - NDP " The NDP wants to encourage family re-unification and would fast track the huge backlog of immigration applications, some as long as 13 years. It has to be fair, efficient, transparent and of course accountable. At the present time it´s based on secretive, arbitrary decisions by cabinet ministers."
Sharon do you disagree with this.
Facts are in the pudding.
You are on this forum with a political agenda. You are not here to advise or help anyone but the Conservatives. It is obvious.
The polls are showing them that Canadians do not trust the Conservatives and primarily Harper. Hopefully Monday we will see the end of his era. He will resign after a trashing at the ballot box.And lets get rid of Kenney while we are at it.

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Go Harper Go...This time make it a majority!!!!! Best PM EVER
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Regardless which party is elected,I really hope that brings the processing times to a point that are acceptable to you LOL.

Talk to us in a couple of years and let us know how fast your application has moved forward under a new administration (if that is the case). If you really think that the bottle neck is at CIC. Think again.

CIC has a program for family reunification (very humanitarian) but as of today, there are no programs properly in place with the rest of the provincial, municipal and federal governments for that kind of growth.

Let´s snap our fingers and process ALL the applications.


I am not against parenting immigration by any means, my issue with the whole thing is that the country is not properly setup for it. Yet there is a Party that believes that the problem is at CIC only.

Once CICs finalizes the application they are out of the equation, who is going to do WHAT with the aging population? THAT IS NOT CLEAR AS OF TODAY!

I am not a cold person, actually I am quite adorable and charming.

However when it comes down to law enforcement and I don´t give a damn about your feelings because the law has no feelings, it is written in black ink on a white piece of paper. It is just a process that needs to be followed, nothing personal here. What it is personal to you, it is another day in the office for someone else.

And no, I don´t work for CIC. I do work for the all mighty Federal Government and an agency that works closely with CIC though.

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You and others may disagree with Joe on many things but if you know CIC in its "intimacy" , so to speak, as I suspect you do, you must know full well this monster is arbitrary, secretive and super-destructive. UN-CANADIAN I´d be tempted to say!

The guy who screwed up my file was a "repeat offender" yet no one at CIC above this guy thought it might have been a good idea to keep this @##%$%^^& far away from ANY FSW PR application. Even worse, his supervisor supported his decisions and believe me she was damn clueless...

BTW Joe, I´m not so sure tories have much to worry about on Monday...(unless I´m clueless of course)

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What is it with the clueless band wagon.
DocD obviously does not like dealing with the facts. The problem is not CIC. They just follow orders.
Processing times that are acceptable to me has nothing to do with it. I did not like waiting 3 years but that was the timeline and i accepted that and paid my fees. When 3 years become 6 and heading to 10 years we have a problem. This is political. Period.
Anyone that does not see this as political issue is not following it that closely.
Someone like Sharon that does seem to know the facts when it is convenient. If you follow her thread she just keeps spinning whatever facts you present. So therefore her motive is purely political. I did not know this was a political forum.
As for John you should follow the polls. I think they are more than just worried. and yes if you have not been following you join the growing ranks of clueless. LOL

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this conversation is going around in circles and is really starting to get boring.

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Sharon says "My Mom is waiting for geriatric medical care and there is no room for her. Until that problem is resolved, I would prefer not to exacerbate the problem by adding more potential clients to the waitlist."

If more people took care of their elderly parents like in years past rather than dump them in some old age home maybe we wouldn´t have a bed shortage. What make you think many immigrants will sent their parents to an old age home. Listen to the interview http://watch.bnn.ca/squeezeplay/#clip454338 . Listen carefully to Julie Taub. She does not think grandparents should help with babysitting kids. All the grandparents I know would not have it any other way. So i bet Julie kids will be putting Julie in a home in the next few years. Why not. All the immigrants I know take care of their parents at home. But this is another contentious issue so we will leave it alone and stick to the topic at hand.

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now, you are really crossing the line...
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REALLY? Truth hurts.
You are the one that doesn´t want to let immigrants parents because of a fear that they may take your moms spot at day care. If it was my mother i wouldn´t even be on this board because the tough of some group home never crossed my mind. So no one would be taking our spot because i don´t need one. My mother passed away years ago and was terminally ill with Cancer. We kept her home til the day she passed away. My father is almost 80 and will never be put in a home. He has his own home and when he is no longer able to care for himself he has our home. Thanks but no thanks we don´t need and government funded old age home.

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NDP is surging in the polls, and is now ahead of the Liberal Party. Sorry Bill, but Harper has never been compatible with what I (and many others) see as Canada´s best ideals and goals.

The NDP, Liberals, and Bloc together are more popular and hold more seats than the Conservatives. I´ve always been at a loss as to why they can´t seem to get together and form a governing coalition to oust Harper and his Conservatives. It´s badly needed, IMHO.

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Well I hope all that have the right to vote actually vote.

It is alright to disagree or agree but.......

Let us end this thread, PLEASE!


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Why is coalition a dirty word? So that Dictator Harper with 35% can rule like he has a majority. A party or group of parties that represent the interests of the majority of Canadians should run the country. Dion had a great idea. Ignatieff has no balls and after Monday he we will be put out to pasture. Hopefully The end of Harper is also near. I live in Ottawa and you can ask anyone that has a senior position in government and they will tell you that Harper is a control freak/quasi dictator.