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Subject: Processing TRV
  I wanted to get some of the readers opinion regarding a case handled by my appointed attorney. I am applying for a TRV and study permit for my child. I am currently employed in the US. Below is a timeline of events and what i wanted to know if there is a level of incompetencies on the part of the attorney handling my case.
Jan 20 - Attorney filed all required documents
Feb 6 - Attorney adviced more document is requested by CANCON;among others TR Supplementary FOrm, Family Composition Form, Reference Letter from current employer job desc and salary information, detailed resume, proof of immigration status in US. [I would assume that the attorney would have anticipated to provide these documents no? Point is 3 weeks have passed.
Feb 20 - Resubmit all documents
Mar Middle- Received denial
Mar middle - resubmit filing
Apr late - received request for all forms to be filled on new TRV form which was put in effect Jan 15 2011. [Why do we know this now and after 5 weeks have passed?] Does this mean another 5 weeks wait?

Based on the above time chronology, i wonder if readers here share my opinion that there is some degree of inefficiencies either on the lawyer part or the Consulate. Point is why are request coming in bits and pieces and each time it comes in, the waiting clock resets to zero? Thank you all for reading and appreciate your advice.

Ed Hidayat
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I assume that you requested recommendation letters from your lawyer to verify that she/he is actually qualified to deal with immigration, right?

Is there a reason why you didn´t fill the applications yourself?

You should have a copy of the letter from the Embassy with the reasons about the "why" your application was refused.

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