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Subject: Urgent PR Card Renewal Advise
I have applied for urgent PR Card in beginning of april as I am travelling in mid of May.

They have updated this week that "We transferred your application to the local CIC office on April,26 2011. The local CIC office may contact you."

How long does it take for the local office to review urgent PR Card Applications?

Now my concern is will I get my PR card before travel date?

I was told it takes 4 weeks and I applied 6 weeks before my travel date.

Your advise will be highly appreciated.

same case as me (in reply to: Urgent PR Card Renewal Advise)
iam in the same case as you,my applied for the urgent PR card renewal in july 15 because my travel is August 19,2011.my status is updated as the same as yours,iam still waiting for any contact from the local office.i guess you have got back the PR card and had your travel now.good luck

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