ROY please Help..PRRA and sponsorship question

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Subject: ROY please Help..PRRA and sponsorship question
  The situation is as follows...

My husband born saint Vincent, I am Canadian citizen.

He calimed refugee...denied

we filed sponsorship after our marriage which was last year now..came back incomplete...was working on it and was just sending it


Yesterday recieved PRRA interview date for May 12th..letter dated april 27th.

What should we do? I have the corrections in the application made and ready to go but does it have to be as of May 3rd? or as long as it is submitted at this point before May 12 2011 ?

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Re-Submit all should be fine but get someone good to spin a tail why he faces cruel punishment if he goes back to SVG.


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Thanks for the response
See he didn´t have any documentation supporting his case, as really no one back home to help it, it really is almost like a lost cause. However, since being here, he had major surgery and a disability was caused from the surgery. Long story short his refugee claim was he would be hunted down by a gang as he was an informant to police.

Does that mean he says yes to the PRRA and also inform them at this point we have filed sponsorship months ago but it has only been re submittied that week due to processing error on our part? Would the file number CIC gave us be good proof(however its on a post it with many others stating what we missed)? Sorry I have so many questions as we are beside ourselves!

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