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Subject: Want to marry a canadian women

I have seen many posts where people want to migrate to canada by paying money. I am actually looking for complete opposite. Yes I do want to migrate and live in Canada but by finding a soulmate.
I am ready to spend the rest of my life with her and raise a family (provided we chat with each other first and see if things will work out). I will prefer someone around 26-35

I am 31 Yrs old, I am decent looking 6´2 Indian male living in New Delhi. My family and me don´t get well together as I don´t worship god and dont follow any religion. So i have been kicked out and living alone since i turned 18. They considered as a outcast, however I do have certain friends and I don´t smoke or do any drugs. I have decent education and working for a multinational in India.

If you would like to know more about me and get to know me please feel free to email me on finsingsoulmate@gmail.com

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hello i want to marry with canadian girl for permanet residence of canada i will pay for it if any one intrested than feel free and contact me at asif2talk@hotmail.com
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