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Subject: canadian marrying american please help
  I am 30 Canadian, I own my own business and am financially very well off and secure. I went on a cruise in Feb of his year and met and fell in love with an American from Utah who was prior to coming to Canada married and a stay at home dad, he does not qualify for a work visa. He is currently going thru a divorce which will take 90 days to process and then we want to get married. Having never dealt with Canada immigration before when we came we knew he coud stay for six months so we didnt book a return flight home and when he came thru immigration they gave him a hard time until we pinned down that he would leave my may 17 having arrived on April 20, then they questioned him for an hour on where he was going who he was seeing his finanacesand what he had to go back home to and stapled a paper to his passport stating he could not work or go to school in Canada and he had to be out by the 17th. We ended up going back to Utah April 27 and I am back in Canada and he is staying for another week to sort his stuff out.
Please advise what our options are; we are terrified that he will be denied entry into Canada to come and visit me. Immigration doesnt appear to like to hear were dating. How does a spousal or engagement visa work and how long does this really take and can he stay with me in Canada thru the process. We know that immigration will scrutinize closely based on the fact that we will have been married within 6 months of knowing each other. We want to make sure that we make no mistakes and risk anything with the immigration process.

Any advice that anyone has would be very much appreciated.

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Start here:

Actually he was very lucky that CBSA actually let him in. Just for what you described, in most cases he would have been refused of entry.

Next time, (if there is one) make sure that he has a stable job, A RETURN TICKET and clear agenda of what he would be doing in Canada and prove that he has no intention of staying in Canada if allowed entry, that his intentions are TO VISIT Canada. That also means to have sufficient funds for his staying.

When someone shows up at the port of entry with $300 no return ticket, it is coming to visit his girlfriend and no stable job, normally that doesn´t go very well.

Anyway, once you marry him (doesn´t matter where) you may sponsor your husband to come to Canada as a family member. All the process is done by the Canadian Embassy abroad. Processing time anywhere between 8 months to 2 yrs +/-.

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Since he´s a US resident, processing times could be even shorter if you go outland. My husband´s application was approved in four months from the time it was received by Mississauga. I´ve seen others go through in even less time.
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I am in the same situation. I am an American living in Texas, and I have been dating a Canadian citizen since last summer when we met in Hawaii. We just recently got engaged, and are planning on getting married July 30. I am an airline pilot, and have been visiting about once a week for a few days at a time since last summer.

Ideally, we would like to bring my vehicle to Quebec in June, and just leave all my stuff in storage in Vermont until I receive permanent residency. We will apply for spouse sponsorship right after the wedding, and I am anticipating it taking about 6 months to go through. After I bring my vehicle into Canada, I will still be working in the states about once per week for 4 days at a time, and will leave my Jeep here and fly to Philadelphia to start my trips.

Will immigration have a problem with me entering by vehicle, and then exiting by airplane? When we drive in, I will plan on telling them that I am visiting for just a few days (the time I will be in Canada before having to go back to work in the States), despite the fact that my Jeep will stay in Montreal. Is this a problem?

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