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Subject: immigration process
  hi, i want to ask about the immigration process time, its given 13 months for pakistani who submit after june 2008. i submitted documents to london visa office almost 8 months, still i didnt get any kind of letter, any body knows how to ask canadian immigration office about my file.

2nd question. in case of new baby born, how should i report it to canadian immigration office.

Cap Reached (in reply to: immigration process)
Hi, I sent my all full completed Canadian immigration papers (as per their requirement) to Sydney, NS Canada on 13th April’2011 from Bangladesh and they received my documents on 18th April’2011 at 03:00 PM as per DHL Tracking information. I applied as Restaurant and Food Service Managers. After checking CIC web side, I can see that Cap has been reached (1000).
Is possible to know how long time will take for the reply from CIC office Or, How will I know my application has been adjusted with the Complete Applications on 19th April when they updated.

04-05-2011 , 19:52

Md. Maksudar Rahman
(in reply to: immigration process)
you can expect an answer within a year. You will get a confirmation and file number that you can use to check your application status online within the next few months.
Immigration inquiry (in reply to: immigration process)
I sent all my documents as per required in December 2010 to Sydney, NS Canada as a skilled worker category as an Electrician under Fast processing category but still waiting for the first step email.
Is it possible to know how long it can take for the reply from CIC OFFICE or what can i do to know about my application status. Thanks

Iqbal Singh
CIO, NS processing time (in reply to: immigration process)

CIO, NS takes aboout 33 weeks to process the application so u both guys have a way to go and like Sharon has suggested that only after you have been assigned a file number, you could track your application status online.

Good luck!!

CHC, London (in reply to: immigration process)

CHC, London is swamped with applications from Pakistan since April 2010. In June, 2010, CHC, ISB started transferring FSW application to CHC, London and in Oct 2010, CHC, London started issuing AOR´s to few of the applicants in only occupations in high demand.

U must write CHC, London and send them your child´s birth certificate..

Good luck immigration...

How to report new born baby (in reply to: immigration process)
How to inform CIC about new born baby, which form is needed, to whom i send i need address of CIC where to send.
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Kindly let me know the IELTS points I would secure as per the my following results , and total points as per my education and experience, age, adaptability, Relative in Canada etc as follows:-

Currently resides in Bangladesh.

IELTS held on 19/02/2011 in Bangladesh.

Reading - 4
Speaking -6.0

Education- 18 years full time study (12+3+1+2 years Diploma in Hotel Management) from Bangladesh.

Work Experience – 5+ years paid experience in Hotel Industry in Bangladesh.

Age- 35

Spouse/Adaptability - 16 years full time study ( 12+3+1)

Relative in Canada -5

As long as score 73 points is it OK irrespective the band points of IELTS.

Kindly let me know as i am planning to apply again in July´2011 as per the new rules. Also be informed that i sent my all immigration papers to Novo Scotio office on 18th April 2011 but during that time Cap was reached (1000)and got returned my all papers from Novo Scotio Canada office said Cap has been reached .

Is possible to apply again in July´2011 ?

MAK Rahman
28th June,2011

Mak Rahman
Mak Rahman (in reply to: immigration process)
Mak vai Apni kon agency er maddhome processing shuro korben ?
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Hi Salman Vai ami aabar nigae nigae file pathaboe asha kori..
Kindly let me know the IELTS points I would secure as per the my following results

Reading - 4
Speaking -6.0

Waiting for your response.

Mak Rahman
need information (in reply to: immigration process)
hi i applied to cic canada in nov 2010 .iam residing in sydney australia,i got my file no from australian office on feb 25 .in the mid of may i was requested to show my funds details .i showed them my funds ,i think they r reviewing it .can you tell me how long will it take