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Subject: Sharon and macokustavri
  Hi guys thank you the reply. I started a new post because due to some reason I cannot post in older topic.

Sharon although i understand what you are saying makes sense by my intention is not to cheat the system. Anyway it seems my chances are bleek nobody has replied so far to my post so I am guessing none is intrerested.

Why I don´t want to live in my own country, "You don´t want to get me started on that". Long story short...You can put yourself in my shoes and you will find nothing but misery without socks and it hurts!!!

What I do know is that I am in love with Canada. I like everything about it. I love it as a country and love the people. In love with just for laugh gag´s and your festival´s. I love the nature at the same time diversity the country has. Nothing but least I love the freedom which i can never get here. All i know is I won´t be a burdan on the country and atleast I am honest about my intentions.

macokustavri i can see many ad´s on net to migrate to canada by paying money, Even if I have that kind of money my inner concious won´t allow me. I have never done anything illegal. I would rather be honest then trying to cheat the system ( that´s one of the reason I hate my country) So thanx for the advice but I will skip.

Lost in this world
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To be honest with you LITW, you don´t meet the basic criteria nor have enough money to come Canada at this point. But don´t be discouraged. Cuz I have a better suggestion for you. Go to Singapore first on visit visa and find a job. Once you get a job, you can apply for special pass or employment pass depending on the type of job you get. It takes two weeks at most to change from one visa type to another. (Note the word "at most". Base on my experience, usually JUST IN 4 DAYS.)

Surprisingly, it´s really easy to get a job there. After 6 months or so, you are eligible to apply for PR and it takes like two to three months to process. (Yeap, that´s how fast Singapore immigration process applications.) You might get refused, but you can still keep on trying without your time being wasted. I have a friend who works as a programmer there and he got PR in 8 months from the time he got his employment pass. Once you get PR, find a job that would help you qualify to come to Canada or go back to school if you are in different field.

Frankly, I seriously doubt you would want to migrate to Canada at that point because, in Singapore, they are not picky when it comes to foreign credentials like in Canada.(Just google it and you´ll find what professionals have become in Canada because of Canada not accepting foreign credentials)So, you are highly likely to get a job in the field you are trained for. And the salary, it´s about the same that of Canada.

The friend I was talking about, he was just an amateur programmer with zero working experience and he not only get a programmer job but also got paid around CDN$2000, and that doesn´t include bonus.

My suggestion is do some research on Singapore and use it as a stepping stone if you are too eager to come here.

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Then what can I say...!!!!?????
"Vaya Con Dios Amigos".....!!!!!

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