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Subject: want to immigrate to Canada
  My husband and I live in the US. I am an American citizen and he is a Canadian citizen with permanent resident status in US. He was born in Montreal. We both speak French and English. His is more advanced than mine, but I am a French teacher here in the US, so my French is pretty good.
My husband is a regional engineering manager for an American firm which would like him to become an agent in Eastern Canada. We are both employed right now. We have a net work of 350,000. His company would like for him to continue to work with them, but as an agent in Canada and I have not yet searched for a position in Canada. My husband´s brother and sister still live in the Montreal region, with their families. He has two sons who also have families in the Montreal region. We do not have children in common. My daughter lives in Ottawa and is close to getting permanent resident status. I have another child who will continue to live in the US. He is already an adult and no longer a dependant. My question concerns the liklihood of my being able to immigrate to Montreal, along with my husband. We would also like to know if my husband should obtain American citizenship before leaving so that the income that he made while living in the US (for 25 years) will not be more heavily taxed. Thank you.

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