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Subject: Canada immigration possible?
  Hi, I was deported from the US last April 2010 on illegal re-entry charges. I lived illegally in the US for 11 years, paid taxes, have property and successful businesses running there. My family and I have moved to UAE. I have 3 US citizen kids who don´t like life here. We are having a hard time adjusting here and would like to move to Canada and do things the right way. I am interested in applying under the entrepreneur class or skilled worker if possible with my wife as the main applicant. Other than illegal re-entry I have never been in trouble with the law.I was charged with 8 USC 1326 (a) and my sentence was time served (3 months) and 1 year probation. My wife and are pakistani citizens. Please advice.
Thank you

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Other than an illegal re-entry? Don´t you think that is enough? You make it sound like isn´t a biggy LOL.

Under 8 USC 1326 (a) you knew that you shouldn´t attempt to enter the US or even being in the US.

You could have been sent to jail for 2 years in a US federal prision.

Don´t try to enter Canada as a visitor, that record WILL SHOW UP at the Port of Entry, it is a criminal conviction.

Anyway, read this and get familiar with it:

AND if you meet the requirements for a skill worker or business class then fill the application.

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Thank u for your reply. I didn´t do anything to hurt anyone. I actually have US citizens working for me. I know I can setup business in Canada and want to apply for enterpreneur immigration visa not a visitor visa. I do want to settle in Canada.
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Good day...
Please advice me on which one is best decision, I have a pending application in the Philippines and my waiting time is almost over, this year is my 5th year, but me and my fiancée is planning to get married, some people told me that it would affect my application in Canada since I have to update my status in the application and it will show that me and my husband will be applying so another year of waiting. Is it true..Please do advice us. Thanks...

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Dude listen to me; since they took down bin Laden, conditions in Pakistan have enormously improved. Please consider going there (it is home remember?) and start a business; you would be doing a serious favor to folks in Pak.
curious George
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Pls send us your contact. We are Canadian Immigration agency and have successfully managed some similar cases. We will like to discuss this case with you.
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Curious George.. actually my kids love curious george!! Thank you for your advice, appreciate it and am very glad to let you know I have already done that and yes it is home.
The reason I am asking on this forum is because I have met about 7 different lawyers who have told me it won´t b any problem, especially if I go the investor route. Just wanted some input from people who know about other such cases.
Kohli how do I contact you?

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