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Subject: i want to go canada
plz inform me about process.
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Don´t be so lazy and look up tje information at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp
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He he he....

Goodone Anonymous.


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Oh no... don´t waste your precious time; the doors have been closed for next year or so... I would suggest you wait.
curious George
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Canada can not afford anymore to have new immigrants. Hate crimes based on race are on the rise. Don´t listen to the lies and publicity that is put out there to make you believe that Canada is a paradise.
feb' entry denied .... any future prejudice ? (in reply to: i want to go canada)
Am an Australian citizen, anglo-scot descent, recently returned from the U.S. ...[[ voluntary departure ]] planning to make a tourist visit to Canada late June, returning to aust´ mid July.
Back in Feburary, 2010, travelling from the U.S. to Canada to audition at Canadian universities, I was denied entry at Windsor, my univ´ audition doc´s, notwithstanding. The entry denial entry was primarily because i did not have a plane ticket leaving Canada! That, plus the fact that my U.S. student visa had expired, and was clearly not renewable, at least from Canada.

I well recall the somewhat exasperated Canadian head Border officer advising me that the entry denial was "without prejudice".
However, i do not have, and don´t ever recall, receiving a statement/ document slip detailing the "no prejudice" . Should there have been one ? If so, would there also be a computer record confirming it, & that can be accessed at least by canada border immig ??
There was nothing stamped on my passport, either.

I subsequently took a voluntary departure from the U.S. back to N.Z. ...and submitted to an interactive video format recording as an audition to these univs. [[ sadly not successful, however. ]]

MY QUESTION....... Is there a probability i could again be denied entry at Vancouver, the first Canadian port of call, because of that initial denial in February ??? [[ Have visited Canada on at least 4 other occasions, way back in the 80s /90s and never overstayed, no problems. ]]
I may well be asked if i have ever be denied entry to Canada ... & will own up re Feb 2010.
Apart from the round trip ticket I will present Canadian border immig´ with :
#1) a clear un-encumbered passport ;
#2) financial docs from banks in New Zealand, and the United States ;
$3) health statements that are all clear listing vaccinations ;
#4) reservations for a stay in the Hostels.
#50 asworn statement of no CRIMINAL record.

Will this suffice for entry ?

The other worrying "quiet" issue is : back in early February : i sent boxes of my doc´s / books to the city at whose univ´ i hoped to study. Canada post is holding all these boxes poste restante at depot, ...and i have e-mails from the head guy there confirming all this. I really do need to get into canada to arrange freighting of all this stuff back to Aust´

2nd QUESTION : should i mention the objective of freighting my boxes back to Aust´ plus show e-mail correspondence & customs docs´ to Canada immig´ at arrival in Vancouver ?? Since i´m declaring myself a back-packing tourist, something makes me very wary about ever mentioning this.

What are your Thoughts / perectives ? All counsel very welcome....!

Andrew Ryeburn
Police clearence from saudi Arabia (in reply to: i want to go canada)
I live in Canada now and have applied for PR in Canada.CIC of Canada have sent a link how to get information from Saudi to get a police certificate.
but that link does not show that,i phone them to Ottawa and they said they no more issuing and to contact our local embassy.but they also repeated the same.

so please let me know from where can i get a PCC from Saudi.

Thanking you


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