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Subject: In Canada Sponsorship after called to the PRRA
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There is always hope and common sense.

In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship after applicant waived PRRA. CBSA Officer deems applicant was removal ready. Judge upset between the time CIC cashed his money and the decision to refuse.

"In my view, the applicant established a serious issue to be tried because the removals officer failed to consider all relevant factors when he refused the request for deferral. In particular, he
failed to weigh the purpose of the policy against the facts of this case and failed to appreciate the effect of not granting that request a lengthy separation of the father of a young family in what
appears to be a genuine relationship".


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Thanks very much at Roy. I really don´t get it why those officer are so cruel and mean to applicants. I know they are doing their job, but most of them over analyze and over do when treating cases. Can you imagine that my PRRA is still at Etobicoke? Whenever i call CIC they tell me is at Vancouver, which i believed, because CIC web site indicate that ´´ ALL EXISTING PRRA AND H&C HAVE BEEN FORWARDED TO BRO OFFICES´´. Not knowing that my files is still at dundas. Only my H&C is with them in Vancouver. The agent advised me to re-send a copy to Dundas street, she won´t guarantee me if the BRO office would share information with my local office. I would be sending out new update and attached the one i sent to BRO office as well. These people are clueless sometimes.I just advice other applicants to please make sure you´re monitoring your application whereabout.
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Few understand the frustration your going through.

I did an H&C for a lovely lady and her dependents. Then two years later she meets the man of her dreams! We of course now submit an In-Canada spousal sponsorship for her and her dependents.

Get it she pays $550.00 X 2 plus two dependents $300.00 X2 twice for a total of $1,700.00

H&C gets sent to Vancouver BRO and the In-Canada Spousal gets sent to Etobicoke CIC.

On Thursday BRO in Vancouver calls to confirm my fax number so they can give the Lady thirty days notice to update her H&C. I ask about the marriage application and the Officer says that is in Etobicoke I´m only looking at the H&C!

Frustration is an understatement.


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watched the Passionate Eye last night and their piece on Immigration and Marriage Fraud. %15 are reported as bogus. Wonder how many beyond the 15% don´t see the light of day.

What shocked me is that Canada is the only country that grants full status to the sponsored applicant the day they arrive in Canada.

I have been saying this for years... to make things easier for the legitimate applicants, they really need to change this automatic status thing. Far too tempting.

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Yes Sharon but that still would not stop the Visa Officers in Hong Kong from refusing 87% of all spousal applications from southern China. How many of the 87% are legit/genuine marriages?

Then the Visa posts gets four months to send the record so that the couple can get an appeal date.

One client was refused because she claimed her husband gets paid so many cents per mile driving long haul truck to the states, plus she was 14 years younger.

Big rigs are made in the USA and their speedometers use Miles Per Hour and their driving clocks are based on miles driven. She knew absolutely everything about his daily life, parents etc.

There are always two sides to the stories.

What I don´t get is HOW MUCH MONEY does this BOGUS couple have to keep running to the IAD and Federal Court.


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the CIC officer they interviewed was the first to say they sometimes get it wrong.

I think things would go so much better if they mimicked the US system where the spouse is allowed to come to Canada but status is not permanent until 3 years later and some additional screening. Remove the instant PR and I think everyone would win.

In Canada Sponsorship after called to PRRA posting (in reply to: In Canada Sponsorship after called to the PRRA)
Hi Roy,
My wife and I have a similar situation after reading the link. There are just a few questions and doubts that we have and I am hoping that you will be able to clarify them for us. We would really appreciate it. Here is our story.
My wife and I both applied for a refugee claimant in 2007, We were just dating back then. We both had a hearing in 2009 in which I was accepted as a convention refugee in October 2009 but my wife was refused in July 2009. So i was going to sponsor her. As mentioned above, we were still dating. She submitted her PRRA in January 2010 and we got married in February 2010.
Since i was eligible to apply for permanent residence, i applied for myself and also sponsored her together with my application and sent it on March 2010. We both got a notice asking us for our medical check ups and background checks and now the decision is made and transferred to the local office in May 2011.
So, since we applied for a refugee claimant, our passports were seized by CBSA. We went and were able to retrieve both our passports. I was just wondering how my wife was able to retrieve her passport when her PRRA was in effect ? Also, I was wondering if you can shed some light on our situation and what the outcome of our situation will turn out to be. Thank you so much. I will be waiting for your reply.

PASSPORT REQUEST LETTER (in reply to: In Canada Sponsorship after called to the PRRA)
Passport from YOUR COUNTRY for yourself. It appears your passport may be in our Department´s possession. If this is the case, please submit a copy of your passport´s seizure form. If, on the other hand, you do have the passport, you must provide us with a copy of your valid ans subsisting passport.

Or days before the landing interview, CBSA forwards your passport to the local office and the landing officer returns you the passport during the landing process.

IF EXPIRED (in reply to: In Canada Sponsorship after called to the PRRA)
If your passport has expired and been seized by CBSA, you can still go to your consulate or embassy for a new one.

If you are unable to obtain one, you must provide a letter from the embassy or consulate general indicating the reason why a passport will not be issued.

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You make me laugh Anonymous 232.244.253 you pretend to be CBSA then CIC then who knows what.

Why would the rules regarding renewing or replacing passports from all countries be exactly the same????

It is highly unlikely to get any passport back unless she has been approved in principle and background checks are complete. Mistakes can be made though!

If the facts are as if you say it is more likely that Landing will be just a few weeks away.


What in the world (in reply to: In Canada Sponsorship after called to the PRRA)
Some information provided for the purpose of FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY according to a real case.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Not designed to make someone laugh aloud.