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Subject: e-status "decision made" status
  I´ve been getting conflicting answers about what "decision made" means on the immigration web site. I´m being sponsored under a Family Class (Conjugal Partner) Permanent Resident Visa. Sponsorship was approved in April 2004. All of the paperwork, fees and medical exams were done immediately. Now my status finally says "decision made" but I´m getting reports from people that it could mean that they have made a decision on my medical stuff, or that they are done and going to request my passport. I can´t seem to get a straight answer anywhere. Can someone help?
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In your category there is nothing done by visa office other then back-ground check (security check for criminal activities). Once CIC Mississauga approves your case, your case is 100% done subject to security check.

Decision made means CIC have approved your case and you will be receiving passport request soon.


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Moe, do you mean to say that once Mississauga approves the sponsorhip, all Buffalo has to do is background check?
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Yes. The law has changed back in 2003. Now, CIC Mississauga approves all the sponsorship cases and transfers the file to the relevant embassy for security checks.
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After reading your post I realize that those MTF in Buffalo have been performing security, background and how knows what else on me for almost 1 year. Shame on them! My background is a clean as can be. Are they trying to figure out that when my parents engaged in sexual activity to bring me to this world? They´re keeping me apart from my family for just bull..

I now understand why other spousal sponsorship cases in Buffalo have been processes faster than mine. I´ve seen cases just like mine processed in 6 months.

Shame on CIC! I know about a sponsored spouse in my wife´s family. She was processed within 4 months. SHe belonged to a political party in her country that is well known for the support of communist, anti-democratic regimes around the world. She did not complete elementary school, and speaks ZERO, nada English/French. They had no kids, NOTHING! Their case was processed in record time of 4 months!

In my case, I have a master´s degree, working on doctorate, fluent in ENglish, clean background, have a wife and a kid that depend on me for financial support, and this MDF are making me wait for 11 months!

What´s wrong with CIC? Why do they do this to OUR FAMILY?

My friends, I´m just tired of this absurd process.

Ozz future Buffalo immigration officer
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i was in the same boat for 5 months now i have approved my case and got my passport request .i belive that all the case which shows "decision made" got approved from cic and will got their visa soon.


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Thank you. My application has been processing for 8 months now and it was a relief just to see the status change to something and an even bigger one to know now that I´m almost done. Though I´m a little angry now that I know it was all pretty much background and security checks. :P The Web site is a great, but underused tool for them. Rather than just saying "in process" would it really be so hard to say where in the process I´m at? Or tell me what the decision is and what the next step is now? It´s very frustrating
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When you´re logged into E-Client, "Decision Made" is usually underlined. If you click on it, it shows you what they´ve done on your application.

For example, when my e-client changed from "In-Process" to "Decision Made" (mind you I recieved my passport request letter before my e-client status was changed, so I already knew that they´d approved my PR application) and I clicked on the "Decision Made" link it said:

We started processing your application on October 05, 2004.

Medical results have been received.

A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

While it´s not very detailed, it does let you know what "Decision Made" implies in regards to your PR application.

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Do you guys know how long it takes to get the passport back once the decision has been made. My wife is waiting for hers. Thanks in advance.
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dragane you need to waith 3-4 more weeks and you will get your visa dont wory be happy
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I applied for my PR since August 2005. (Yes it has been almost 3 years).
My e-cas status went from "in Process" to "Decision Made" about 4 weeks ago.

There are no further details except that they will contact me.

I have not yet done a medical or been requested to do so...

I am concerned because I think I may have been decline.

Can anyone shed some light please.

Thanks in advance.