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Subject: Citizen abused by PR husband

I am a Canadian citizen who married a European citizen 3 years ago. We lived in Europe for a year, where I supported him. Then I decided to come back to Canada. I sponsored him, he got his PR status, and arrived into the country in April 2010. 2 months later the abuse started: emotional and physical (he´d drink himself into oblivion and then rape me). I was so shocked and ashamed that it took me almost a year to tell my family the truth. They helped me with moving, stayed with me day and night (he was trying to call me, saying he loved me, would never hurt me, sometimes in the middle of the night, come over, etc.). All I want is to forget, and for him to disappear from my life. Now, his family is attempting to "talk some sense into me" as they are planning to come to Canada and they need me to "behave". I realize now that he was restraining his "inclinations" until he got into the country, and the whole marriage was a sham.

So, I am now looking for answers as to what can I do in my situation. There are many articles on abused immigrant women who are on sponsorship. But there´s nothing on what the law says about Canadian citizens giving a green light to the scumbags that come here (due to my blindness and stupidity) and try to become "law abiding" citizens. I´d like to file for divorce, but should I report him to the police, or write to immigration first?

If you can help in any way, or have dealt with such matter before, I would greatly appreciate your input!!!

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get yourself to a women´s shelter, file a domestic assault complaint with the police, get a restraining order, and file for divorce.

As for immigration - there is nothing that they can do to help you.

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As Sharon mentioned "file a domestic assault complaint with the police". RIGHT AWAY.

Push for a restrain order against him, first thing to do is to put him under control.

Under the criminal code, he comitted a serious offence and that could be the begining of a process to start his removal from Canada since based on that he could loose his PR status.

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Well hold your horses; the alleged rapes happened when he was drunk beyond control and not fresh incidents. Without fresh incidents to report, can she retroactively accuse him of rape? How can she prove something that happened without witness or evidence? I think this case is mired! But she still can seek divorce.
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Let us lose him.

Let us not loosen him from his actions.

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