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Subject: sponsorship withdrawal
  please advice...if my common law partner withdraws my sponsorship because of some civil status complications( when my x husband discovered i was sponsored by my common law partner to canada, he threatened to contest our annulment proceedings)so we decided to withdraw my application and wait for the annulment decision get married and continue our appication this time as spouse sponsorship. is it possible to withdraw our application now and again file our application after a year. thank you
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What Civil Status complications?????

If your living common law your common law partners!


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your status problem is not your angry ex, your status problem is that you are still married to husband #1 in the eyes of CIC. you have to deal with that before Common Law/husband #2 can sponsor you.
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My mother and brothers 18 and 4 are currently refugee claimants awaiting a decision I have not seen my family for years my uncle is my legal gaurdian and I understand it will be in my best interest to stay with him until my mother gets situated my question is can I apply for a visiters visa so I can see my family or would it automatically be denied as my family are somewhat in limbo
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