advice needed re confusing refusal

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Subject: advice needed re confusing refusal
  hi ive attempted to apply for a permanent visa the fderal skilled worker process and have recentley recieved an email stating my application was unsuccesful due to lack of evidence re my work experience!!! i sent signed copies of my statement of particulars and contracts with my employers. im confused as to why they have deemed it unsuccessful rather than just requesting further evidence.
there is no email address that i can send a query email to and of course there is a major postal strike in place in Canada at the moment.
i can courier a letter from my employer evidencing my time spent with them however i am now unsure where my visa application papers are. and why they have not just suggested this instead of failing my application
i understand the reasons for not giving out telephone numbers or email addresses but it is so frustrating

any advice would be more than welcomed


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