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  The Windsor Star

WINDSOR, ONT. -- Employees with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Windsor held a noon-hour demonstration outside their Walker Road workplace Monday to protest looming cuts to federal programs and services.

“What we really want to do is let the public know … it´s our jobs but it also can have a great effect on them,” said Sueanne Allen, president of Local 601 of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union.

Deep cuts to some federal civil service programs are anticipated as the new Conservative majority government has pledged to undertake a widespread review of public sector operations with the goal of finding $11 billion in direct spending reductions.

About 20 workers and some supporters were at the local rally, part of what is expected to become a nationwide protest of the proposed cuts. Details of where the cuts will be made likely won´t be divulged publicly until the 2012 budget.

There are 24 CEIU employees and about an equal number of Canada Border Services Agency workers at the government office building at 1250 Walker Rd.

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based on what you are saying, CIC is jumping the gun and ASSUMING they are going to be hit with cuts.

It may be worth waiting to panic until you see what the budget says - what do you think????????

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Maybe in Windsor the CBSA & CIC actually provide quality service.


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