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Subject: Divorced in Nepal Before Visa

Currently my wife and me applied(me as dependent and my wife as principal applicant) for Permanent residency under Federal Skilled Worker in Canada. And we got visa for permanent residence in Canada but we got divorced in our home country before our visa/interview. Now she told me that she is going to land alone in Canada (may be she landed or not I am not sure. If I inform Canadian Immigration with divorced paper what happens to her PR status/visa? in case if she had already landed in Canada? and What happens to our visa if she has not landed in Canada?

Roheet Sharma
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Inform Canadian High Commission of your marital change and land in Canada with your divorce paper.
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excuse me .253 - did you even read the post. If you can´t read SHUT UP.

Wife is Principal Applicant. She is the one that qualifies and she is the one that is approved. Divorce occurred before visa interview.

1) they are currently guilty of misrepresentation.
2) either way... his ticket to Canada is gone - he does not qualify

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This is why I hang out here, people!

People who give ridiculous advice.

Anyone should know that based on a FSW application the principal applicant receives points based on factors from their spouse. If their no longer a spouse aka dependent this raises all kinds of issues as to whether or not the principal applicant (PA) needed the husbands points to be approved.

Now if the PA took too long to tell the Visa Post of her divorce before the Visas were issued even telling them at the last second could be misrepresentation

If she does not tell it is definitely misrepresentation!

If the husband does not tell he is divorced the Visa is still valid to get on the plane, only!

The issue here is this guy seems to be not the type of person the average Canadian would want here.

He claims "we got divorced before the visa interview"!

Just maybe they will both upon arrival be locked up/detained and put back on the very next plane for misrepresentation so that quality immigrants will get through faster.


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he does not even know if his divorced wife has landed - so they are not even in communication!

This really burns me on behalf of those that wait and wait and wait and have to live with outrageous rules - why... because of people like this.

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