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Subject: Having a Fiancee Visa
  I am from Philippines and I have a canadian boyfriend...He wants to visit here for the next several months and he wants to bring me in canada after his visitation here...i would like him to marry me first in my country before i go to canada but he wants me to go to canada first and live together before we get married and apply for a permanent residency. What should i do?...

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No such thing as a Fiancee Visa!

What you do is your personal choice.


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If you are married less than two years, you will received a two-year conditional permanent residence. In a word, CIC wants you to stay married for 4 years.

If the sponsored is divorced, she or he cannot sponsor another one for 5 years.

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.253 please show us the CIC regulation that support your comments.

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For people like Anonymous that gives people scary advices is that I keep coming to this site.

This is what Anonymous is talking about. Except that is not in place yet. There is no such a thing as "You will receive a two year conditional PR"


Now Jen,

There is no Fiancee Visa like the K2 Visa program in the US. Turist can´t come and live in Canada either. You basically have these options:

1- Come for a visit but you really have to prove and show that you have strong ties to your home country and you intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit. (We both know that one isn´t going to work since you are planning on staying here)

2- Marry your fiancee and he can sponsor you while you are outside of Canada and immigrate as a PR.

3- Apply on your own merits, come to the country and live with your fiancee and then determine if it works out or not.

4- Get your fiancee to live with your in your home country and then he can sponsor you to come to Canada, of he is a Canadian citizen he may sponsor you while outside of Canada.

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..in a relationship of two years or less with their sponsor at the time of sponsorship application would be subject to a period of conditional permanent residence. The condition would require that the sponsored spouse or partner remain in a bona fide relationship with their sponsor for a period of two years or more following receipt of their permanent residence status in Canada...

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If the relationship hasn’t reached the two-year mark yet, the person in a relationship with their sponsor only receives conditional permanent residence. And if they break up, the status could be revoked and the person deported from Canada. This is similar to the rules in place in the US for I-130 Spousal Petitions.


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The government´s online survey is available until Oct. 27. Once the results are in, Kenney said, he will ponder new policies like imposing a probationary period on recently married spouses before they can get permanent residency.


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According to reports, the government wants to introduce a temporary permanent residence, called “conditional permanent residence”, for those coming to join their spouses. The temporary residence will be valid for two years.


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First, the government wishes to prevent persons, who themselves have been sponsored to Canada, from sponsoring a new (second) spouse, common law or conjugal partner for a period of five years following the date the now new sponsor originally gained permanent residency, and this even if by that time the new sponsor has become a citizen.


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and which of these blogs are CIC and where is the legislation?

Currently, you are SPECULATING.