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  Hello Everyone,

My name is Priyanka Singh from Kanpur, UP

World Wide Visas is a good company. As I also used their services and I got the positive, satisfactory and the best services in the sector. I got Permanent Residence visa under 8 months time. They committed me that i will get the Permanent Residence Visa within One year. They kept me updated for the documentation and the Canadian immigration norms for that my application donīt get rejected by the high commands.
If a company is still in the same field since last 5 years they cannot be wrong or do something wrong to ruin their own name. And that´s why i trusted them and invested in them and which paid me with the Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. When i came to the Investor Ceremony at the Head office of World Wide Visas Group, I was amazed they have done 185 Permanent Resident Visa and there were around 195 more peoples who are happy with their services. When you see such thing is large quantity, only then you can understand the inside out of the company/ organization.

In Simple Words "World Wide Visas Immigration Consultants are Best Consultants in India and In the World."

Priyanka Singh
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hey could u pls tell on which basis u got PR card?
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