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Subject: Goodbye CSIC
  Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Membership list is now posted! I just got to remember that name. Here is my gift to CSIC…

Freedom of Speech returns!


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Adieu ! We won´t miss you, CSIC.
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To All - I calculate that ICCRC has a new membership list which is divided into four parts, A-E, F-J, K-O, & U-Z!

I further calculate that there is about 503 members in each group for an approximate total of 2,012 ICCRC members.

Since CSIC claims they have 1,928 members and many have not signed up with ICCRC as of yet to get their CSIC dues worth which they paid in full how many Former, Revoked or Suspended CSIC members have been granted ICCRC membership status?

I note some with CSIC complaints have been given ICCRC status.

It is alleged that certain complaints from CSIC were vendettas for comments especially any Consultant accused of rule 16 but should ICCRC wait to grant status to those with complaints?

Your thoughts.


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kjkefe, I did not realize you owned this forum and can decide who should post and what they should say!

If you don´t like the post, delete it yourself.

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